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This post might sound yes, really stupid to some, so ns apologize in advance. I"m just completely confused and also annoyed and also need some assist figuring this ingredient out...I"ve had actually a yellow Delta Amex for nearly two years.The last few months, I"ve carried a balance rather of payment it in full as I usually do... Bad, ns know, but life happens.On CK, my TU and also EQ are mirroring the balance that $_,___ being reported top top February 16, 2018. (Yes, I understand CK sucks.)Well, currently it"s march 20th and I"m no seeingan update report from Amex. Mine closing day this month is today, march 20th. I supposed a report at or aroundMarch16th, due to the fact that that"s when it was reported in front months. I called and thecluelessCSR tried to tell me lock wouldn"t report to the credit transaction bureaus until April 13th since "they"re a month behind" or something and also April 13th is my next due date. Mine balance is $0, and also has been since before march 16th, therefore why has actually this no been report to the credit bureaus? The FICO on mine Amex shows 714, from a report top top February 17th. Why has this no updated come March?I"m looking tolease a brand-new car and also my credit transaction scores are great (700s) however I"m worried around the high Amex balance getting here on the report, also though it"s now paid off. This is the only card I have actually that hasn"t reported my really balance consistently.I was planning on using forthe lease this mainly (Mercedes Benz Financial) and also have the credit transaction score, income, and DTI covered, but am worried the the high Amex balance will result in a denial. I have no other debts besides that credit transaction card, and also now mine Amex is payment in full.

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My other cards have actually a $0 balance, other than a share account.Can who please explain this to me favor I"m five years old? probably I"m just missing something obvious, however it seems strange the Amex is report inconsistantly. Ns was plan on using for the lease today, and would be yes, really ticked if I had to wait till April 13th or at any time Amex decides to lastly report a $0 balance.When have to I apply for the car lease? If I get a denial because that high utilization, can I just display the dealership finance manager mine $0 balance, as it hasn"t updated v TU yet? This is simply crazy and also I"m so CONFUSED.Thank you for any advice!