PLEASE NOTE: Brazil has discontinued the eVisa because that all countries as of June 17, 2019. Because that the US, Canadian and Australian citizens, we strongly suggest registering your pilgrimage with your embassy.

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The unified States is one of the four countries whose citizens can apply for a Brazil eVisa, which way that if you space a US citizen, you room no longer compelled to go to the Brazilian embassy and also apply because that a consular visa. The process is entirely online, the is simple, and also you should be done with it in about 20 minutes.


One that the first concerns human being have as soon as it comes to such records is the cost. The is a organic concern, especially due to the fact that people choose to develop a budget plan for their vacation. Lucky for you, has actually some nice competitive price for your services, and also you will end up spending tiny money on your visa. All fees are reasonable and more than affordable so the you have the right to spend much more on the vacation itself and not ~ above the means to gain to her destination.

The one point that identify the price of her visa is the processing time you pick when you complete the application form. Step one of the form will ask you come choose one of the three available options, however the idea is rather simple: the much faster you want your visa, the much more you will be charged. Right here is what you deserve to pick:

Standard processing time – this is the cheapest option you have, and most people who use for a Brazil eVisa usage it. Your application will certainly be processed in ~ 10 business days, and also you only have to pay $69.50. The price that the visa itself is $44.50, and the remainder ($25) is a service fee because that If you setup ahead the time, there is no factor to pay much more for your visa, so this choice is appropriate for you. However, we carry out recommend that you use at the very least 12 days before your exit so that if delays happen, you space safe.

Rush handling time – if you select this option, her visa will be prepared within 6 business days. Together you deserve to expect, you need to pay more for this time frame. It costs $99.50. The expense of the visa remains the same, but the service fee is greater this time ($55).

Super Rush handling time – if you desire your Brazil eVisa as rapid as possible, this is the choice you must choose. Probably you have actually a family members emergency (if friend have family members in Brazil,) and you need to acquire there fast. Her application will be processed in ~ 4 company days. However, the price is greater as well. You will be charged a full of $134.50, $44.50 for the visa, and $90 together a organization fee.

Apart from the visa cost and service fee, over there is one more fee, but that is entirely optional. For just $6.95 you can register your expedition with the united state embassy. The is much more useful 보다 you might think. It ensures the in situation of emergency (calamity or other disasters,) you will be provided the needed info to go back to safety. The united state embassy will certainly be conscious that you are in Brazil and also you will certainly be accounted for. Again, this is optional.

If one point is for certain is that go not have hidden fees. What shows up on your display will likewise come up on your credit transaction card statement. You will not be charged extra because that anything. Together for way of payment, you have the right to use a credit or a debit card. Also, because many world have a Paypal account nowadays, accepts that together well.

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PLEASE NOTE: Brazil has discontinued the eVisa for all countries as that June 17, 2019. For the US, Canadian and Australian citizens, we strongly indicate registering your expedition with your embassy.