Former exotic dancer Amber Rose ended up being famous as soon as she established a partnership with Kanye West.

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Rose has appeared in numerous rap music videos, including rapper Fabolous. Nicki Minaj, future, Ludacris, Young Jeezy, and Wiz Khalifa.

Amber Rose and her child Sebastian Taylor ThomasCredit: Getty

How many youngsters does Amber increased have?

37 year old version I have actually two kids With two different baby dads.

Rose He has an eight-year-old son, Sebastian Taylor Thomas, and rapper Wiz Khalifa.

Her 2nd boy, Slash electrical Alexander EdwardsBecause the her relationship with the rapper Alexander Edwards..

The two mothers an initial established a romantic partnership with Edwards in 2018 and also made their public debut as a couple at the fourth Annual SlutWalk.

The founder of SlutWalk and also Edwards have actually been dating because September 2018 and confirmed what they supposed in April 2019.

When she gave birth in 2019, Rose shared a series of clips the Edwards playing gamings with Sebastian while waiting for her baby to arrive.

Rose opened up in January 2019 about his connection with Edwards and wrote ~ above Instagram: .. “

“When I an initial met him and pushed that away, ns felt very hurt. He loved me and at the same time spoke to me through whatever while working through me.

ae4president give thanks to you because that all your love and also support babies. I love you very much,” she wrote at the time.

Former video Vixen rapper Wiz Khalifa invited his child Sebastian in 2013.

Rose and also the “black and yellow” rapper to be married for 18 months.

The couple started date in 2011 and got married in July 2013. However, rose filed because that divorce in September 2014 due to the fact that of “irreconcilable differences.”

What walk Amber climbed say around Alexander Edwards?

On respectable 18, climbed accused AE of having an affair with 12 different women.

she Instagram come slam she baby’s dad, he wrote:

Rose added: “He knew well the he had actually a partnership with a baby, so I made decision to f *** him anyway. I have actually no loyalty, therefore that’s anything.”

She didn’t expose the woman’s name due to the fact that she declared she wasn’t act a job that would damage her life.

“I’m no the just one fighting for my family anymore. I’m very loyal and transparent, yet I don’t obtain the same power in return,” she writes.



Amber Rose and rapper friend Alexander Edwards has actually a boy, slash ElectricCredit: Getty

“As because that him … the lack of loyalty and contempt is ridiculous and I’m done. I’m exhausted of gift mentally and also emotionally abused by my love ones.

“I’ve been suffering in silence because that a long time and also can’t expropriate it anymore. So ns was an extremely quiet. I offered to it is in a shell, however I try not come hurt anyone. Is the a family? “

What is Amber Rose’s network worth?

Around Celebrity NetworkRose’s luck reportedly amounts to $ 12 million.

People indigenous Philadelphia used to to walk on the louis Vuitton runway. Kanye WestWith the sneaker heat Victoria’s Secret..

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Rose is the founder the Los AngelesThe basic SlutWalk raises awareness of females who have been sacrificed, insulted, and also bullied for sexual behavior.