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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos REUTERS/Rick Wilking

Source: The wall Street Journal

“I didn’t know anything about the newspaper company … however I did understand something about the internet," Bezos told organization Insider in a 2014 interview. "That, an unified with the jae won runway the I have the right to provide, is the factor why i bought The Post.”


Michael Seto/Business Insider

Source: company Insider

In fact, Bezos liked the chance so much that that didn't do any type of due diligence and just signed the an initial $250 million market sheet that come from Graham.

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Kevork Djansezian/Getty photos

Source: Fortune

Bezos isn't associated in setting The Post's editorial direction in ~ all. But he's take away a much more hands-on approach on the business and modern technology sides come reinvent the file as a "media and an innovation company."


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos AP Photo/Reed Saxon

Source: AFP

Under Bezos, The write-up has revamped that website and also mobile apps. It additionally created software called "Arc," which gives far better analytics and marketing functions for the publication.

Washington article

Source: AFP

That's assisted it take a more data-driven approach. It currently employs typical web strategies choose "A/B testing" to track how different headlines and story framings impact readership for each story. It also created a regime that takes short articles from other publications and also asks reader which ones they'd quite read.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos speaks at a news conference in prior of a graphic reflecting the rise in sales the Kindle publications during the beginning of Amazon's brand-new tablets in brand-new York, September 28, 2011. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

Source: Bloomberg

The article now has a farming team that 700 employee members, including an design team that virtually tripled over the previous two years. Bezos states The Post's design team rivals "any team in Silicon Valley."

Flickr/ Andrew Eland

Source: AFP

It's additionally hired a bunch of brand-new editors and reporters lately. It now publishes 1,200 posts a day. Its contents varies from break news and also long attributes to fun picture slideshows like this one.

Washington short article

Source: The wall Street Journal

Its content-distribution strategy likewise involved a lot of social media, like Facebook and also Twitter. It likewise offered discounts come Amazon element members, if making The Washington Post app pre-installed top top Amazon's Fire tablets.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos holds the new Amazon tablet called the Kindle Fire top top September 28, 2011 in new York City. The Fire, which will certainly be priced at $199, is an increased version of the this firm Kindle e-reader that has actually 8GB that storage and also WiFi. The Fire offers users accessibility to streaming video, as well as e-books, apps and music, and also has a web browser. In addition to the Fire, Bezos presented four new Kindles including a Kindle touch model. Spencer Platt/Getty photos

All this has translated to higher traffic. The post surpassed The brand-new York time in US distinctive web travellers in October 2015.

BI intelligence

Source: BI Intelligence

Bezos continues to be very involved with The Post's operations. He holds one-hour conference calls v executives every 2 weeks, and also brings them right into Seattle double a year for much longer meetings.

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack

Source: Bloomberg

Because of its affiliation through Bezos, The post says it's currently finding it a lot less complicated to recruit engineers. Bezos has likewise instilled a much stronger culture of customer obsession. Article execs often receive reader complaint emails forwarded through Bezos.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Chip Somodevilla/Getty photos

Source: Bloomberg

Bezos's influence on The article is clear. He's revitalized the growth and turned the culture into a more tech-focused organization. But an ext than anything, Bezos brought a feeling of confidence to a team the was obtaining hit by competition. One former managing director defined Bezos' arrival as "all that a suddenly Michael Jordan is coming to your team.”

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

Source: Bloomberg

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