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Earn cash ago each time you shop! Sign-up for Rakuten (it"s a totally complimentary cashback prize program) via mine referral connect here to acquire $30 cashback top top your first $30 purchase! sign up here come start obtaining cashback when you shop.

Looking because that legitimate ways to get free Amazon gift cards? girlfriend have come to the ideal place.

I love purchase on Amazon! one of the reasons why is because I am able to get a lot of free Amazon gift cards (with the tips I’ll re-publishing below) and I have the right to basically shop because that free!

I additionally have Amazon prime which i love since I acquire all mine orders fast and of course loads of other Prime benefits.

Interested in trying Amazon Prime? check out my write-up onIs Amazon Prime precious it? Or seize a totally free 30 work Trial that Prime.

Below I’ll share v you several of my favorite means to get cost-free Amazon gift cards. I’ll emphasis on the ones that are not also time-consuming and the ones the you have the right to do at any time you have a little free time in the day.

Some the the methods I list only take a minute, prefer the very first one, due to the fact that you’re simply scanning her grocery receipts every time girlfriend shop. Others take a small longer due to the fact that you need to watch a video or perform a quick survey and some others space automated!

So go v the list and also check them all out! Oh, and also did I mention they room all cost-free to join and also I personally usage them all.


10 methods TO GET complimentary AMAZON GIFT CARDS

1. Having Rewards

FetchRewards is among my favorite means to earn Amazon gift cards. It’s supervisor easy due to the fact that all you execute is take pictures of your receipts! Yup!

Check the end my complete Fetch Rewards Review.

Plus usage my referral code:ESAVINGS, during signup and you’ll get 1,500 fetch Points ($1.50 in points) when you complete your very first receipt!

Sign up for Fetch Rewardshere.

Below is a screenshot of my Fetch Rewards account and also some that my many recent gift card rewards. As you can see in November alone I was able to cash out $15 in Amazon gift cards with simply this first method.


4. MyPoints

MyPointshas been around a very long time! the was one of the an initial rewardprograms that i joined. It’s totally free to join and also super easy to earn points towards rewards like Amazon gift cards.

How does MyPoints Work?

You deserve to earn point out by to buy online, taking surveys, watching videos, analysis emails and also more. You deserve to then go and redeem your points because that gift cards choose Amazon gift cards, travel miles or cash via PayPal.

Sign uphere via mine referral linkand acquire a $10 gift card!


5. Shopkick

Shopkick is supervisor easy and fun. I make sure to always have that on while ns am shopping and also running errands.

How walk ShopKick work?

Shopkick is a totally free app the rewards you v points the you can turn into gift cards just by walking into stores (love this part!) and also for law other activities like scanning details products if you room in the store.

When you open the app it will tell friend which products to look at for and also scan. Friend will obtain points for scanning the item. It’s actually kind of fun choose a endowment hunt.

When friend get sufficient points you deserve to exchange them for Amazon gift cards and also more!

Sign up for Shopkick and start earning!


6. InboxDollars

I join InboxDollars back in 2015 and kind the forgot around them until newly so I simply started utilizing them again.

How walk InboxDollars work?

InboxDollars members knife cash for doing what castle love online. Members have the right to earn point out for analysis emails, acquisition surveys, playing games, and also signing increase for uses (not required).

I try and stick to the basic stuff like reading emails, taking surveys and playing games if you have actually the time. If girlfriend don’t want to acquire these emails in your continuous primary email inbox friend can create a cost-free Gmail account just for all your rewards programs.

Check the end InboxDollars.

7. Usage a Reward credit transaction Card

If you use a credit card i m sorry a lot of world do I very recommend Discover Card which provides you tons of cashback and you deserve to actually usage your find cashback together a payment alternative on Amazon!

Discover card is a credit card, but I use it mostly to get rewards the I deserve to cash into gift cards ( or use towardmy bill). I use my discover card come pay mine phone bill and for day-to-day purchases as well and also then ns pay it prior to the due day to avoid any kind of finance charges.

Each 4 minutes 1 they provide you 5% cash back rewards in specific categories and 1% in others. If you pick to gain a gift card you can obtain a deal because you only require $20 cashback for a $25 gift map or $45 for a $50 gift card etc. In particular categories.

PLUSBecome a discover Cardmember now, and also you’ll gain a $50 Cashback Bonus v your very first purchase in ~ 3 months!Set up autopay on your bills, pay because that gas and purchases and then pay your card before the due date and also you’re earning complimentary rewards top top money friend would invest anyway!


8. Capterra

Capterra is a website wherein you can check reviews for particular software and also get reviews and also feedback because that your own software.

How walk Capterra work?

After writing a pair reviews on their website ns was invited to obtain paid a $10 Amazon Gift card for each evaluation up to 10 reviews that month. Everyone i referred so far their means has acquired invited after ~ a couple of reviews yet I am not sure precisely how they pick who deserve to participate.

It’s absolutely worth a shot as reviews are quick and easy.

Check the end Capterra.

9. Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewardslets you earn credits for browsing on ice cream or trying new features native Bing or various other Microsoft products and services. Ice cream Rewards credits have the right to be redeemed because that a variety of gift cards and also other rewards.

Instead of utilizing Google, simply start utilizing Bing search, and you will start earning credits super fast.

10. Take advantage of the Amazon Trade-In program

The Amazon Trade-In program permits customers to get an Gift map in exchange for thousands of eligible items including video games, Kindle E-readers, books, and more.

The process is easy and convenient with an immediate offer and free shipping. This may not be because that everyone however If you’re like most civilization you probably have something you can trade in and also earn a gift card.

Check the end the Amazon Trade-In Program.

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TIP: If you desire to sign up because that multiple or all of these mentioned you can create a totally free Gmail Account to gather all your emails so friend don’t bombard your constant email account. I do this and it makes it much simpler to organize mine emails. Either the or collection up a filter in your regular email get mailbox to kind emails into details folders.

Have girlfriend tried any type of of these ways to get cost-free Amazon Gift Cards? allow me know in the comments your thoughts!

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