Did you recognize that miscellaneous as an easy as a headband can cause airport alarms? right here are seven means you might unknowingly set off protection measures—and what to do around it.

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Ever wonder why the TSA singled you out to rifle v your bag? Or what specifically made the steel detector beep? by now, us all know to ditch ours liquids prior to reaching security. Yet did you know that something together harmless together a headband have the right to prompt a time-consuming cross-examination?

On an median day, transport security police officers scan more than 2 million travelers—and all of their luggage—and that number will certainly only continue to increase. We spoke come TSA spokeswoman Lauren Gaches because that the lowdown on 7 items that have the right to put officers on alert regardless of the reality that, for the most part, they"re perfect acceptable for air travel.


Why they catch attention: nothing escapes the metal-detecting prowess that airport protection systems—not also something as miniscule as a foil wrapper. Plenty of manufacturers the chewing gum, candy, and also cigarettes have captured on and also made the shift from metallic wrap come paper, yet the hold-outs deserve to put a kink in your smooth passage v airport checkpoints. What come do: Empty your pockets of any and all offending foil prior to passing through a steel detector.


Why they capture attention: even though headbands (like bulky clothing and also hats) space not prohibited, sporting them may lead to additional screening. The factor is simple: steel constitutes the framework of many headbands and, consequently, cause the detector. What come do: stop being traction aside by sending out your hair accessory through security ahead of you on the X-ray belt.


Why they record attention: The TSA is naturally much more focused top top detecting potential explosives 보다 in assessing the materials of your personal minibar, however when it involves liquors, the rules are based on size and also packaging: Respectively, alcohol need to be less than 3.4 ounces, bottled in original container, and contained in a one-quart sized, zip-top bag. What to do: As lengthy as you follow the 3-1-1 requirements for liquids, you must be ok.


Why they capture attention: Don"t suppose to get onto a airplane with a eye globe. Think it or not, the liquid components of many crystal balls surpass the 3.4-ounce border and, consequently, aren"t permitted in carry-ons. In fact, earlier in October an exit package include a snow globe showed up so suspicious that it resulted in the evacuation the Bradley international Airport in Connecticut. What to do: There"s no method around it—snow globes need to be checked.


Why they record attention: together an aerosol product, part inhalers room a cause for concern due to the fact that at first glance they might seem to violate the "3-1-1" dominance for liquids, gels, and also aerosols (limit that 3.4 ounces, pack in one quart-size, see-through, zip-top bag). The course, given that these objects room a medical must for part travelers, they are exempt from restriction. What to do: To avoid unwanted questioning, Gaches advises travelers to notify officers in breakthrough if they"re transferring an inhaler. The helps rate things up if your medications are effectively labeled.


Why they record attention: The TSA swears this shouldn"t be an issue, however we"ve heard many of story from women (and at least one cross-dresser) who urge that the metal in one underwire bra has triggered a second "wanding" after ~ passing with the steel detector. In part cases, a rogue underwire has even led to a closer investigate by a female agent in a personal room. What to do: The answer, then, might be to fill the metallic lingerie in your checked bags and also sport a much more comfortable design while in flight.


Why they catch attention: whatever on earth can it is in categorized together a liquid, gas, or solid—except probably lava and also peanut butter. It"s unconvinced you"ll be packing lava in your purse, however what around peanut butter? It"s definitely not a liquid—you might hold that upside down for a decade and also it would never ever drop. However anything that deserve to "conform come the shape of that is container," such together cold cream, toothpaste, or, yes, peanut butter, have the right to upset the swift flow of the security line. What to do: setup ahead and also pack "conformable" liquids in the bags you"ll be checking. Peanut butter sandwiches, ~ above the various other hand, are perfectly fine.

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Unsure around an items that"s not on our list? inspect out the TSA"s virtual "Can ns Bring?" applications to check out what is (and is not) acceptable.