You have the right to use Amazon"s voice assistant to regulate your TV, look because that programs, actors, and even control your DVR. Here"s just how to collection it up.

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Alexa can do a most things, including manage your TV. Using Amazon’s voice assistant, you deserve to search because that programs, movies, actors, change channels, watch up contents by type or genre (such as youngsters or sci-fi), and also even control playback of your DVR. What’s more, there room multiple means to perform so.

We’ll to walk you v them all. And if you"ve acquired even more questions, examine out our just how to use a Fire TV Stick guide to eek the end every little of potential native Amazon"s affordable streaming stick.

How to regulate your Fire TV v Alexa

If you have a Fire TV, Fire TV stick, or an Amazon Fire TV Edition, friend can control its action via Alexa in two ways.

Step 1: Turn her TV on, and adjust the input to the Fire TV (or Fire TV stick). You must see the Fire TV home display screen on her TV.

Step 2: Press and also hold the microphone button that came v your Fire TV device (the first-generation Fire TV does not have this button, so you will must use an Alexa-enabled device; these instructions space below). A blue heat should show up at the height of her TV. Speak your request. Keep in mind that friend don’t have to say “Alexa” before making her request once using the remote control.

How to control your cable or satellite TV using Alexa

If you have actually an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or some various other Alexa-enabled device, friend can control Fios, Frontier, Optic Hub, Tivo, and also Dish solution using nothing yet your voice. In stimulate to perform so, you have actually to attach your Alexa an equipment to the cable box.

Step 4: In part cases, girlfriend will need to permit an Alexa ability from your cable or satellite provider. Follow the actions to execute so in the Alexa app.

Step 6: Select attach A maker (or attach a Fire TV). Then, pick the machine you desire to control, and also press Continue.

Step 7: Select the Alexa machine you desire to usage to control your TV. A certain Alexa maker can only manage one TV in ~ a time, therefore make sure the machine is in the exact same room together the TV you want to control.

Step 8: After you’ve selected her Alexa device, scroll under to the bottom and also press the connect Devices button. You should now have the ability to control her TV making use of your Alexa device.

Things you have the right to say

You can search for programs by name, genre, actor, and more. Because that example, you can ask because that movies v Tom Cruise, and the Fire TV will carry up a perform of movies he’s starred in. Other searched encompass kid-friendly movies, science-fiction, Westerns, and also sports.

If you have one the the cable or satellite services noted above, girlfriend can additionally ask Alexa to song to a details channel, play things in her DVR, and skip front and back through programs.

For more information, inspect out our overview on exactly how to affix Alexa to dish TV.

How to control Your TV making use of a Logitech Harmony Remote and Alexa

If you don’t have actually one the the cable subscribers noted above (or even if girlfriend do), girlfriend can likewise control her TV making use of Alexa and a Logitech Harmony Remote. This an approach also offers you regulate over the volume, allows you switch in between different inputs, and more. Here is our guide to connecting the Harmony far to Alexa.

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For an ext Alexa-related tips, tricks, and also how-tos, examine outour finish guide come Alexa.