You deserve to use her Echo maker with her Android phone, i beg your pardon will provide you much more control end Alexa. Alexa is the name of the digital assistant of one Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo period smart speakers.There room several reasons why you can want come know just how to use Alexa on one Android phone.

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Perhaps you want to check the smart locks in your residence while you’re grounding in the office. Or maybe you desire to send a post to someone who additionally has an Amazon Echo. No issue the reason, using Alexa on one Android adds another layer of convenience to her day.

So how specifically can you usage Alexa on one Androidphone? follow the actions below:

How to set Up Alexa on your Android

Go to the Google pat Store. This is in the apps ar of her device.Search for the Amazon Alexa app. You can type the complete name to search, however “Alexa” alone will work-related as well.Tap install. Wait for the application to download. After the application is installed, you have the right to then set up the application to affix to her Amazon account.When the done, go earlier to the residence screen and also tap the application to set it up.
Log in making use of your username and also passwordfrom your Amazon account. Then tap the obtain Started button.Under help Alexa acquire to recognize You, choose your name. If you don’t see your name, you will have to tap ns Someone Elseand type in her information. Click proceed when done.Tap enable or later if Amazon asks permission come upload your contacts. If you permit it, connecting with family members or friends via the device will be easier.
If you great to send and receive calls using Alexa, verify her phone number. To confirm, friend will obtain an SMS through a confirmation code. Enter this code and also tap Continue. If you don’t wish to use this feature, insanity Skip.

Now that you’ve downloaded, installed, and set up her Alexa on your Android device, that time to begin using it!


How carry out I usage Alexa on my Phone?

With Alexa right in her Android phone, girlfriend getto exploit this comfortable voice assistant’s an abilities no issue where friend mightbe. To start offering voice commands to Alexa on her Android, monitor thesesteps:

Launch the Amazon Alexaapp on your phone.Tap the Alexa icon bythe bottom of the screen.Tap permit to offer Alexapermission to accessibility your phone’s microphone. On part devices, you might need come tap permit again once promptedby a security pop-up. Insanity Done.To use Alexa, provide her acommand or ask her a question.

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By adhering to the step-by-step overview above, friend should have the ability to interact through Alexa, even when you’re no in the same ar as her Amazon Echo device. If you desire to find out every the other cool things you can do through Alexa, inspect out our guide here.