Please note there will be limited food and also beverage alternatives due come the existing situation. That will rely on your trip length and destination. It’s recommended that you bring your own water party to fill up in ~ the airport after ~ passing with TSA Checkpoints. If girlfriend have any kind of dietary demands it’s ideal to take it your own snacks. Inflight tablet computer rental will certainly be suspended, however, you can still use your own an equipment to stream cost-free movies and tv shows, an ext info here.

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For flights under 350 miles, over there is no inflight company offered.

First course passengers on pick flights over 2 hours can pre-order meals top top flights (subject to availability) by using the Alaska application or virtual at

Meals accessible for pre-order in first-class include the Signature Fruit and Cheese plate (on flights over 2 hours). The pre order service is as result of launch in premium class and also main cabin soon.

Beverage readily available will incorporate Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Orange Juice, Starbucks coffee (on request after 10am) Teavana teas, Dasani water.

As above, to add a limited range of alcoholic drinks consisting of Fremont brewing Lush IPA, golden Pilsner, broken Eart Red Blend and also House Wine Rosé.

Same drink giving as premium course with the enhancement of snacks consisting of a deli picnic pack or a tapas picnic fill (which is additionally gluten-free and vegan).


Alaska airline food alternatives are not contained in the price of key cabin ticket holders you can, however, purchase a variety of high quality meals and also snacks depending upon your trip time. Cost-free non-alcoholic drinks, also as tiny snacks, are offered on many flights. If you like you may purchase items from the airline’s inflight menu which have the right to be perceived right here. The airline offers a new seasonal food food selection in the main cabin, Alaska airlines spent a year researching, hosting tastings v passengers and crew and came up through the new concept the will sell fresh and local ingredients.

Expect to check out items featuring seasonal fruit, artisan bread and also cage-free eggs. Onboard purchases might be make with any kind of Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or find card. (Debit and gift cards are embraced too). Passengers in Alaska without credit/debit cards deserve to buy $6 vouchers in ~ ticket counters in Alaska.

Breakfast is served on flights departing between 6 am, and 10 am v a flight duration over 3 hours. Lunch and dinner are offered on flights end 3 hours, departing between 10 am and 8 pm.

Passengers in the key cabin have the right to pre-order a meal for their upcoming Alaska Airlines trip by using the airlines’ app. Friend can pick your meal from two weeks as much as 12 hours prior to departure. You deserve to order your meal by going come the Trips section of the app and selecting her upcoming flight.

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Beer and wine are complimentary on Horizon waiting Q400 services, but this business is not accessible on Skywest or Horizon wait E-175 aircraft. Intend to view wine and beers native California, Alaska, and the Pacific Northwest.


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