If you"re plan a road trip in the joined States and want to rental a car, you can typically include another driver to her contract. However, that might cost you a far-reaching amount more depending on the company you choose.

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Although including additional drivers top top a rental contract used to be minimal to spouses and domestic partners, numerous rental vehicle companies choose Alamo, Avis, and Hertz now allow any licensed driver come be added to the contract because that a fee. Part won"t charge for spouses or partners and also some won"t charge for

However, save in mind fees and restrictions differ by location—from state to state and also from city come city, also within the very same rental company. Be sure to check with your preferred automobile rental agency for particular pricing details—and to see if you can avoid payment for secondary driver completely while remaining insured ~ above your roadway trip.

The case is a tiny more complicated today. Some rental car companies allow renters to include spouses and domestic partner to their contracts free of charge. Others charge for residential partners yet not spouses or companion drivers. A few rental vehicle companies fee to add even spouses as extr authorized drivers—except in specific states.



conserving Money on including Extra drivers

The best way to protect against paying for added authorized motorists is to execute your homework early, well before you walk to pick up her rental car. Girlfriend can acquire information native the rental automobile company"s website or contact a customer business representative, however the answers you receive may not be specific for your rental location.

The best method to know what you will be fee is to review your rental automobile contract carefully before you sign it. Because rental car agency policies vary from state to state and even from office come office, be sure to evaluation the whole contract.

Another method to protect against paying second driver fee is to join your auto rental company's commitment program. This strategy will certainly not occupational in every cases, but it will assist you avoid additional driver fees if you rent from nationwide or Hertz.

extr Driver policies for significant Rental providers

Let's take a look in ~ the major U.S. Rental car companies' additional authorized driver policies. (Note: All information, while existing as the this writing, is subject to adjust without notice. Consult your rental car company for location-specific policies and fee information.)

Some auto rental service providers waive additional driver fees because that members of certain organizations, such together AARP or AAA, or who have automobile insurance v USAA. Costco take trip members who rent indigenous Avis, Budget, Alamo, or Enterprise will certainly not be fee a fee because that the first additional driver added to their contract.

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If you need to add second authorized driver to your U.S. Rental vehicle contract, investigate extr driver policies and also fees before you make her reservation. When you pick up your rental car, very closely review your contract before you authorize it.