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Behati Prinsloo is giving us a rarely look at her and also Adam Levine"s youngest daughter.The pair very rarely shares image of their 2 daughters, Dusty Rose, 4, and also Gio, 3, so when they do, it"s a genuine treat.

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The design took to Instagram Tuesday come share asnap the Gio, who just commemorated a birthday. The take self featured both Prinsloo and also the 3-year-old through an elf filter over their faces.

"My bestie turned 3. 👽" Prinsloo captioned the post.

In fact, it"s been numerous months due to the fact that either Prinsloo or Levine have shared full photos of your daughters online, so saying this is a rarely sighting is an understatement.

While the pair has your hands full with 2 girls, lock haven"t totally ruled out expanding their family.

The Maroon 5 frontmanopened up around family life throughout an April illustration on Howard Stern"s Sirius XM show, revealing that as soon as he and Prinsloo decision to increase their family, it"ll be due to the fact that she wants to.

"No, she"s not right now pregnant," Levine said. "I think if ns asked her to have another baby right currently she"d beat me in the f**king face, since she’s no ready."

"We"re good," Levine added. "We"ve got two kids."

While they may be great for now, the pair is tho on the fence with exactly how many children they at some point want to have.

In a 2019interview ~ above The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Prinsloo said that she and Levine don"t agree on how many children they want.

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"Adam wants five," Prinsloo revealed. "I thought I wanted five, yet now i think maybe, like, three or four."

"Adam can"t have everything," she joked of an altering her mind. "I"m transferring them."

Watch the video below to see exactly how Levine is enjoy it life together a stay-at-home dad now that he"s no longer on The Voice.


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