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Activia is a yogurt brand that will supposedly assist regulate her digestive system. Dannon, the firm behind Activia, insurance claims that they usage all-natural ingredients to settle minor digestive discomforts, which isn’t a lie. However, if you’re in search of weight loss, that’s no what you’ll find in the majority of cases.

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We made decision to collection our study team ~ above this renowned brand to inspect out the science and determine if Activia is any type of different from various other probiotic-based products.

Activia can be purchased v their official Site.

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What is Activia?


As a manufacturer the health-related products, other than if you have adequate evidence to ago your health and wellness claims, it is constantly safe to leave it out of her ads. It is very likely Dannon would have saved the neck if it paid fist to this detail.

In 2008, Dannon to be slammed through a 21 million dollar charge for alleged false representations around DanActive and also Activia Yogurt. And also this stemmed from some of the adverts aired by Dannon, the New York Times reports.

In among the adverts, the narrator is recognized to have actually said the “With the natural culture Bifidus Regularis, Activia eaten every job is clinically proven to aid regulate her digestive system in 2 weeks.”

Of course, this didn’t sit well through the Federal trade Commission, who increased brows at this. The agency claimed to have clinical evidence that a serving of the Activia Yogurt can relieve momentary irregularities and assist slow transit time in the intestine.

To deal with Dannon’s substantiation, FTC zeroed in ~ above a attach featured top top Dannon’s website v the Health care Professional label. Oh well, as this label implied, the is because that those who understand the nitty-gritty of wellness care.

It’s just a digression. Continue to be with us.

The FTC describes it together “a comprehensive scientific resource that will carry out in-depth information around Bifidus Regularis and also its effect on slow-moving intestinal transit,” it stated a pair of clinical studies carried out through Meance together with some others. FTC complained that Dannon’s submission on these studies was misleading as some vital information around these research studies was withheld.

Thus, the hidden information surprise the fact that the distinction in intestinal transit time in between studies ~ above those that took the Activia and those in the placebo team was statistically insignificant.

Dannon at some point agreed come the settlement, which declared the following:

Except the claim is approved by the Food and also Drug Administration, Dannon is not permitted to claim any yogurt, probiotic drink, or food that deserve to reduce the chances of acquiring the flu or a cold.Dannon is not allowed to lay claims that Activia will certainly relieve consumers of temporary irregularity or even create faster intestinal movements. If it have to be mentioned in one ad, it mustn’t it is in misleading information, and also it must also be donate by clinical evidence involving two people that at the very least three servings are compelled to get these benefits stating the veracity of the claim.Dannon is additionally not permitted to lay cases that some various other yogurt, probiotic drink or food, or dairy drink will certainly relieve consumers of temporary irregularity or even create faster minister movements. If it need to be discussed in one ad, the mustn’t be misleading information, and also it must also be donate by clinical proof involving two humans that at the very least three servings are required to get these services stating the veracity that the claim.Dannon is also not permitted to misrepresent results from any type of studies or tests. And also except its case has competent backing and solid scientific proof, it may not do other claims on the performance, efficacy, and health benefits of any kind of dairy drink, yogurt, or probiotic drink or food.

Activia Alternatives

Other probiotic yogurts carry out essential wellness benefits. Follow to the manufacturer, among them is the Yoplait Original, which has actually clinically tested and also proven cultures and also contains Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and also Calcium.

Yoplait Original has gained vast acceptance and also is the many used probiotic yogurt. It contains the ‘good bug’ that helps hit bacteria and pathogens the can cause illness and also is also said to improve lactose intolerance, protect against diarrhea, and deal with inflammatory bowel problems. Yoplait original comes in 18 flavors, and each serving gives 150 calories.

Customer company Information

You can contact or text 1-877- 326-6668 from 9 to be to 6 PM eastern time, Monday thru Friday (Note: text massage rates may apply.).

Address: The Dannon Company, Inc. 505 Keystone Ave Pittston, PA 18640

Phone: 1-877-DANNONUS

Contact Form: http://www.dannon.com/feedback-form/

What Users space Saying

“Activia ideal yogurt – My favourite late night snack.”


“Taste great but has additives.”

Tia Etienne

“Works wonders! get rid of any type of bacteria – mountain reflux.”


The Bottom line on Activia

Before girlfriend race through the grocery store to the dairy product aisle, let’s take one an ext look in ~ this one. We prefer that Activia has some herbal ingredients and that the price appears reasonable, however we have concerns about this one because the research doesn’t suggest toward weight-loss. We’re also a bit hesitant due to customers talking about an adverse side effects and also ingredients not working.

If you want to shed those extra pounds, we suggest going through a weight-loss program that’s clinically proven, so you lose weight and keep the off.

Among the finest products we’ve watched this year is one referred to as Noom. This weight-loss application is unlike any type of other with its personalized menus, human coaching, doctor-written articles, and also nutritionist support. Plus, user reviews posted on the web indicate world see wonderful results.

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