As a personal trainer, I obtain to know numerous of mine clients’ on a depths level throughout our an individual training sessions in my Carlsbad gym. Numerous of them have actually shared their battles with weight obtain while taking psychiatric medications like Abilify, lithium, risperidone, and even typical antidepressants like Prozac.

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These psychiatric medications are prescribed to stabilize mood, alleviate irritability, and manage other symptoms associated with problems like bipolar and also depression. They can literally save lives, but they can additionally cause significant weight gain--one of my personal training clients got 50 pounds in six months top top Abilify!

I’m no sharing this to scare you into refusing a prescription you might need in order to live a healthy, fulfilling life. In fact, I’m here to say the the weight get on medications like Abilify and lithium is not inevitable. You deserve to prevent it if you’re ready to execute the work to live a healthy lifestyle!

Why Psychiatric medicines Like Abilify cause Weight Gain

It’s uncertain why some psychiatric medications reason weight gain. Lithium, for example, reasons weight get in around 25% of the world who take it. However, the precise mechanism is unknown. Lithium does reason thirst, therefore it’s feasible that human being are quenching that thirst through high-calorie drinks like soda. The also possible that lithium affect the thyroid.

Things are much more clear for mood stabilizers/atypical antipsychotics favor Abilify and also risperidone. This medications can stimulate appetite, which leader to eating more calories than you require to keep your regular weight. Also an overfill of 100 calories every day--the indistinguishable of much less than fifty percent a bag the M&Ms--can lead to a 10 pound weight acquire in simply under a year.

Many civilization who take them also have high blood levels of lipids and glucose, which can be a authorize of metabolic syndrome. That unclear even if it is this is led to by overeating or by the medication itself. One of two people way, metabolic syndrome is not something you want in her life. The not only makes it harder to shed weight, however it also increases your threat of heart disease, stroke, and kind 2 diabetes.


How to protect against Weight acquire on Abilify and Other Medications

The great news is the you deserve to take the medicines your physician recommends and still maintain a common weight. It just takes part work.

First that all, remember that everyone responds to medications differently. If one medication reasons weight gain for you, another in the same classification may be equally reliable yet load neutral. Because that example, Latuda (another mood stabilizer/atypical antipsychotic) is well-known to cause less weight get than Abilify, and also Abilify may cause less weight gain than risperidone.

If transforming medications doesn’t help or no an option, lifestyle changes can be a powerful tool for avoiding weight acquire on medications--this approach just takes much more work on your part.

Like i said, I’ve had several personal training clients at my gym in Carlsbad who have actually taken the atmosphere stabilizers like Abilify and also successfully shed or kept their weight. Here’s what functioned for them:

High intensity Interval maintain (HIIT)

If she not acquainted with HIIT, it’s once you practice for a short duration of time (usually about 20 minutes) and alternative between short effort task and high effort activity. One of my favourite HIIT exercises is act sprints top top a stationary bike in my Carlsbad an individual training gym. Alternate between 30 seconds of basic pedaling with 20 secs as quick as you can do. Do this for everywhere from 5 to 20 minutes because that an intense exercise that burns a ton of calories and revs up her metabolism.


Endurance Sports

While HIIT burns numerous calories in a issue of minutes, endurance sports choose running or swimming laps deserve to be equally reliable if you’re willing to put in the time. Few of my personal training clients like steady endurance activities over the bursts of energy required in HIIT. It’s as much as you what girlfriend prefer, return I would recommend a fitness regimen that combine the 2 for preferably benefit.

Calorie Counting

Even a tiny increase in calories deserve to cause far-ranging weight gain. It’s very hard not to eat more when her medication hijacks her appetite and also makes friend crave sugary, fatty foods. If you just go off how you feel, girlfriend will an extremely likely eat more food than you need when taking drugs like Abilify.

To counter this, ns recommend tracking her calories in a fitness application like MyFitnessPal. This will make you much more mindful the how plenty of calories you’ve eaten and help you balance her intake with what you burning v exercise.

Yes, calorie count is a pain once you perform it day-after-day. However it’s such an effective means of see your patterns in your diet and also keeping her eating in check. It’s additionally helpful if you end up seeing a dietician or various other nutritional specialist together they can see in ~ a glance what you are eating.

My encourage calorie and macronutrient purposes vary by person. For me personally, ns shoot for less than 22 grams the sugar per day (almost constantly in the type of fruit). Ns also try to save my healthy and balanced fat intake at 25% of mine calories.

If you’re actively losing weight, you want to stop muscle loss, therefore it’s crucial to increase your protein intake as well. Specifics aim because that .7 come 1 gram that protein per lb of bodyweight per day. This may seem choose a lot, but a greater level that protein will assist you preserve muscle massive and also makes girlfriend feel an ext full in between meals.

Paleo Diet

I’ve personally gone ago and soon on the Paleo diet over the years. Totality grains (which space not Paleo) are a great source of fiber and also healthy carbohydrates, yet I go with phases where it seems prefer my body doesn’t tolerate lock well.

However, if you’re taking care of weight obtain (or make the efforts to stop it), I would say the Paleo is practically non-negotiable. There are lots of studies mirroring that Paleo is efficient for load loss, probably since Paleo urges eating fewer carbs, healthy and balanced fats, and much more protein.

(I recognize the ketogenic diet is an extremely popular right now, but I personally haven’t had actually success with it. Together someone that trains strongly every day, i can’t it seems to be ~ to end up being “fat adapted” and need the glucose from carbohydrate to fuel my workouts.)


The outcomes Speak because that Themselves

I’ve had several clients walk on the atmosphere stabilizers when training, and they have actually actually shed weight and also become more muscular as a result of a healthy diet (calorie counting and Paleo) merged with consistent strength training and also cardio. I know for a fact that weight gain on medicines is no inevitable because I’ve checked out it!

The hardest part is constantly getting started. If you’re like numerous of my personal training clients, you’re feeling overwhelmed right currently thinking the you must clean up her diet and also start exercising regularly.

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The good news is the I’m right here to help! I’d love to fulfill in my Carlsbad an individual training gym because that a cost-free 30-minute assessment. You have the right to tell me about your existing situation, and I’ll operation you with some practice to assess wherein you space at physically. If you uncover it helpful, my personal training sessions encompass text assistance throughout the week so you can stay ~ above track with your fitness goals.