Dance Moms has ultimately returned come Lifetime adhering to a hiatus the lasted practically two full years. The display premiered ago in 2011 and quickly became a hit within the dance community and also outside that it. In ~ the show’s facility was Abby Lee Miller, run teacher and also owner that the Abby Lee Dance company (ALDC). Yet the show came to an abrupt ~ its saturday season since Miller to be sentenced to one year in commonwealth prison. Yet why was she sent out to jail in the first place? Let’s take it a look at how Miller came to be in the predicament.

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As Dance Moms got an ext popular through each happen season, Miller’s personal success skyrocketed. In fact, her farming earnings might have had actually a many to execute with why she ended up in prison. In 2015, Miller was indicted for and charged v hiding $775,000 the her income and additionally having friend travel through $120,000 of her money in your suitcases. This meant that miller was encountering charges for both fraud and also customs fraud. Miller stayed silent about the dues for some time, but in 2016 the dance teacher pled guilty come bankruptcy fraud, i m sorry is a felony.


Sentencing because that the run teacher take it a lot longer than anticipated and was rescheduled lot of times. However, the 53-year-old studio owner was ultimately sentenced come a year and also one work in commonwealth prison in might of 2017. However, due to health concerns, which resulted in Miller finding out that she was experiencing from spinal cancer, she was released early on from her sentence. Miller currently is cancer cost-free and filming illustration of dance Moms once more.

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Power expedition

Miller recently opened up around her stint in prison. She has claimed that she suffered abuse in ~ the hand of the jail guards. She even made claims that some of the safety sought she out since they recognized her native TV and also wanted to humiliate her. “You give a human being power, you give them a gun, a set of keys…they can do every little thing they want. Vandalizing her property, spilling drinks almost everywhere your apparel for the hell of it, knocking her belongings over, throwing lock on the floor. Among the monsters said, ‘You can’t talk to me like you speak to those youngsters on television."” the 53-year-old said.

Silver lining

Despite the abuse she experienced in prison, she admits that the various other women she met in jail impressed her v their kindness. She declared that her other prisoners had actually far an ext generosity 보다 the mothers that were on the present with her. “You know, the girls in jail are some of the finest people girlfriend are ever going come meet, seriously,” she said. “They gave me the shoes off your feet, the clothes off their back- literally. And there’s not one of those run mothers that would ever do that, not at all. And these to be strangers.” fearbut candidly said TMZ.

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Now that Miller’s no longer behind bars, she’s back to law what she does best, yelling in ~ children and giving (mostly unsolicited) advice. Her latest piece of advice was for Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, that both confront jail time for their involvement in a enormous college admissions scandal “I think if you just befriend them, and also you share her stories v them, climate they’ll share their stories through you. And also some of castle are an extremely interesting,” the notorious dance stated of creating relationships with the various other women offer time with.

Catch Miller’s wrath and the recent season that Dance Moms Tuesdays at 9/8c top top Lifetime.