Travel and also lifestyle TV organize Abby Hornacek is many probably finest known as Jeff Hornacek daughter. Abby is an American journalist who at this time works as a television host at Fox Nation. The bubbly journalist is presently part of three shows at Fox Nation, specific Ride come Work, PARK'D, and also American Arenas. As well as her on-screen life, what else execute you know around this multi-talented television host?


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Abby Hornacek's educational background

Abby to visit Phoenix Preparatory at Xavier College. She play volleyball for the college team. In her an initial 3 years, she won the course 5A department I State title.

Afterwards, she registered in ~ the university of southerly California, from whereby she graduated with a level in broadcast Journalism in might 2016.

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Career life

AbbyHornaceckSource: UGC

Currently, Abby functions as a hold of Fox Nation's PARK'D, American Arenas, and also Ride to job-related series. She join the subscription streaming organization in 2018.

While announcing the signing of the journalist together a travel and lifestyle host, john Finley, an elderly Vice president of breakthrough and manufacturing of Fox Nation, declared that she brought an energetic and also unique voice come the table v her feeling of adventure and also her ability to entertain.

On PARK'D, the TV hold takes fans behind-the-scenes the the joined States' nationwide parks, showcasing the nation's most captivating landmarks if spotlighting various adventures follow me the way.


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In Ride to Work, she conducts interviews with assorted Fox country hosts and Fox News characters as she drives them come work.

In addition to that, Abby has hosted the red carpet at the Fox nation Patriot Awards, which honours daily heroes, very first responders, veterans, and other human being who have presented incredible plot of heroism.

From 2014-2016, she operated at Fox sporting activities San Diego, firstly together a production intern, and later as a feature reporter and co-Host of san Diego prep Insider.

Before the Abby Hornacek Fox News career, the well-known journalist operated with a sports network based in Chicago, Illinois. She extended The Drone Racing organization for two years, indigenous February 2016 come February 2018

She was likewise an NBA Summer organization correspondent and also sports reporter. Before that, Hornacek was likewise a multimedia journalist at Annenberg TV News and anchor in ~ Trojan Vision Television.


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Abby Hornacek eye injury

American Arenas fans have most most likely heard of the Abby Hornacek right eye accident. If Abby was in high school, she took pleasure in playing volleyball and also became a experienced volleyball player because that her college team.

Unfortunately, Abby's volleyball career was quite short-lived ~ a volleyball hit she on the face. This resulted in the Abby Hornacek eye issue, which resulted in her put on a green-coloured glass lens for protection once on television.

The Abby Hornacek eye condition reportedly made the reporter undergo 2 surgical procedures. The result of these surgeries was the barely-noticeable Abby Hornacek glass eye and also an abrupt end to her career in volleyball.

Abby Hornacek basketball interests

The TV organize happens to have actually quite part interest in basketball. This comes as no surprise because she is the daughter that a prolific former NBA player and also current coach. Her previous joining in collegiate sports also underlines her love for the sport.


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The television organize is fairly tall, standing in ~ a elevation of 5 feet and also 6 inch (167.6 cm). She has actually brown eyes (with a protective covering of the eco-friendly lens) and she weighs 60 kilograms.

Abby Hornacek hot photo

AbbyHornaceckSource: UGC

Social media presence

The journalist has an Instagram account with over 74.3k followers. Her Twitter account has actually over 42.4k followers to date.

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Abby additionally has a on facebook account v over 27k followers and over 25k likes.

Abby Hornacek is undeniably one of the many prolific travel and also lifestyle journalists of she age. If she might be largely in the spotlight as a result of she father, she is absolutely carving out a route of she own.

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