When people support a political party, the does not automatically mean your employer adheres to suit.

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Published19 respectable 2020Updated20 respectable 2020

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It’s unclear what specifically is meant by the phrase, “what you salary AARP.” The organization has actually an approximated 38 million members, every one of whom typically pay annual dues at $16 every year. As a 501(c)4 tax-exempt organization, it additionally accepts charitable donations.

Either way, any money payment to AARP through membership fee or donations does no go “directly” to the autonomous party.

The AARP lobbies the federal government on instead of of reasons that impact people aged 50 and older. Those tasks may incorporate taking a was standing on health and wellness care and Social Security.

In terms of candidates and also political parties, however, AARP’s official position is the it is non-partisan. The organization states that “does no support, endorse or contribute to politics candidates or parties.”

Instead, per AARP, the organization’s duty in terms of election politics is “connecting voters to information around where the candidates stand on issues most necessary to them consisting of the future of society Security and also other an important issues concerned financial security, health and well-being.”

We confirm the AARP’s federal project finance data making use of the website open Secrets, a project operated through the federal government accountability company The center for Responsive Politics. We found no contributions to any type of political candidates or parties, autonomous or otherwise, from AARP, the organization. However, contribute from individuals who work-related for AARP is another matter.

“AARP does no have any kind of record of straight contributions come political parties or candidates based upon my testimonial of federal campaign finance and tax filings covering recent years, however AARP’s officers and employees can still do political donations in a personal capacity, and contributions native donors listing AARP as their employer in federal Election board of directors records have actually primarily unable to do to democratic candidates in current years,” said Anna Massoglia, a researcher for The center for Responsive Politics.

AARP plan prohibits employees or police officers from engaging in any personal political task using AARP sources or during work hours.

According to campaign finance data tracked by open up Secrets, individual donors linked with AARP make a full of $96,381 in politics contributions as of this composing in the 2020 commonwealth election cycle, the majority (87.45%) that those donations going to democratic candidates.

Massoglia stated that together a 501(c)4 organization, the AARP is enabled under U.S. Taxes code to communicate in some political project activity. But their tasks have been issue-oriented and also bipartisan. For example, a 2018 AARP advertisement praised U.S. President Donald trump card on medicine pricing policy. The organization has additionally supported upholding the Affordable care Act, the landmark health treatment law signed by Trump’s autonomous predecessor, president Barack Obama.

AARP spokesperson Jason Young told united state by phone the the organization, as a 501(c)4 non-profit, is banned by legislation from making political contributions. “Not just does AARP not make donations that this sort, we never ever have and also we don’t have actually a PAC,” Young added.

Young stated that although part AARP employees have made political contributions in a an individual capacity, the sum of donations is reasonably small.

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“It’s same to say we are mostly absent kind this type of politics engagement, and that’s since AARP together an organization is concentrated on policy, not politics,” Young stated.

Although it’s true that people who work-related for AARP have donated mostly to autonomous candidates, individual donations are not the same as contributions by an organization. Due to the fact that AARP as an organization has not contributed to the democratic party or the candidates, we price this claim, “False.”