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Aaron Rodgers, ~ above the 2021 season

Two year ago, Rodgers ripped the idea ~ a pair the joint practices with the Houston Texans. It was the very first time in 14 years the the Packers practiced with one more team during training camp, and afterward Rodgers said: "I wouldn"t psychic if they didn"t do it for another 14 years."

When who joked come Packers coach Matt LaFleur earlier in the week that one of his players wasn"t a big fan of share practices, LaFleur claimed wryly: "Who would that be?"

But Rodgers softened his stance this time around, in component because of LaFleur"s link to the Jets" staff. LaFleur"s brother, Mike, is the Jets" attack coordinator, and also their head coach, Robert Saleh, is the factor LaFleur damaged into the NFL in the very first place.

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Rodgers was checked out chatting through the Jets" quarterbacks, including first-round choose Zach Wilson and also Green Bay aboriginal James Morgan, throughout breaks between periods. He claimed afterward that it was valuable to play against Saleh"s defense since of just how many comparable schemes the Packers will confront this season.

"Tom just told me the end here, the said, "Do no go burned earth about joint practices," so I"m trying mine best," Rodgers said with a smile. "Look, I"ve never been a large fan of joint practices, however I think I"ve said as well there"s merit to details aspects the it.

"That"s why i think I have a slightly different perspective around these practices with various other teams. I tongue-and-cheeked v Tom about going charred earth. Over there is a most stuff to be acquired from these kind of practices. For me personally, the view through several of the work I"ve excellent in the offseason and also trying to just be more joyful and happier is walking to permit this season to be yes, really special and memorable, ns think."

Rodgers is not expected to pat this preseason, v Love collection to get the bulk of the video game reps. However, Love did not exercise Wednesday if recovering indigenous a right shoulder strain he suffered in Saturday"s preseason opener.

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LaFleur stated Love threw a little on Tuesday, and also the coach walk not ascendancy him the end for Saturday"s game against the Jets.

"It"s still day-to-day, yet we"ll provide him every opportunity," LaFleur said. "We simply don"t want to ever before put him in a instance where it might make that worse."