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Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley"s wedding will, there is no question, be among the greatest celebrations ahead. If the couple plans their nuptials, they"re progressively unveiling more information about their connection beginnings.

"Starting a relationship where you instantly move in v someone—because it"s a pandemic and you can"t just acquire on a airplane and go earlier and soon on weekends—taught united state a lot about each other really quickly," Woodley called Shape in a new cover story. "We jumped in headfirst and also got few of the difficult bits the end of the method early."

While COVID sped up their partnership ups and downs, Woodley says the turnout would"ve been the specific same through or there is no quarantining. "I have the perspective that ns would have actually met Aaron in any type of context, any an are in time," she reflected, "because i feel us were supposed to it is in together."


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Both Woodley and also Rodgers near the optimal of their respective industries, therefore it"s no surprise that they rub shoulders v the ideal in both sports and also in Hollywood. Rodgers will likely invite numerous of his longtime Packers teammates, in addition to other industry pals. Woodley will, without doubt, extend the guest list to co-stars Reese Witherspoon, Meryl Streep, Laura Dern, Nicole Kidman, longtime close girlfriend Zoe Kravitz, among other previous colleagues.

"With Nicole, ns feel like I can stare into her eyes for hours and also leave every the wiser and an ext grounded simply because of the power she holds," she said Who What wear in a vault interview. "Reese is one human who i know, regardless of what might be thrown in ~ her, is walk to forge through and powerfully fight because that cataclysmic change with a particular grace—even if it"s no initially taken as grace. Laura is someone who knows exactly how to do every solitary person roughly her feel as if they"re the most essential person in the room, as if they"re someone that deeply matters. Meryl has an unlimited supply that passion and humility, and that"s wisdom I acquired just indigenous watching her. (I"ve often found in this industry that world at the top, the persons who room the most successful, are likewise the humblest, the kindest, and also most generous.) Zoë: I grew up next to her. We have actually done 5 projects with each other now in between the Divergent series and Big small Lies. We have actually gone through many bumps that any type of normal friendship walk through once you"re in your 20s, however we"ve still to be able to find love because that one another. And I think that there is a wisdom in that."

The huge question mark, however, remains beside the groom"s family, v whom a well-documented rift has occurred. Nevertheless, one thing"s certain: the NFL standout isn"t the only Rodgers family member who"s engaged and also planning a wedding. Aaron"s younger brother, Jordan Rodgers, has actually postponed his wedding, yet again to previous Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher (whom he met top top the franchise). The truth couple, despite disappointed by the postponements, finished up producing a registry on The node in the interim.

"We save going ago to this when we were going v the decision come postpone and also reschedule and also we"d go, "You know what? In 5 years, 10 years, 20 years from now, we won"t remember if it was 2020 or 2021," Jordan previously reflected to The Knot. "We won"t psychic the obstacles that us went with in planning. We will remember that moment when we"re standing up there, saying our vows, as soon as we"re gaining married,"" Rodgers concludes. "And mental the love castle had approximately them. Therefore as complicated as this procedure is because that us and also millions of others trying come plan and execute throughout such uncertainty, what problem is love and also what matters is the day and it happening… Just have some faith. It"ll turn out amazing."