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Do Whale Sharks have teeth? They’re not easy to see. Look very closely at the bottom lip! (or the photo below)

Do Whale Sharks have Teeth?

When the greatest shark in the world swims directly at you through its mouth vast open, it’s a vision you’ll never forget. And also that’s exactly what occurred when we went swimming v whale sharks in Mexico. The rules dictate that you must constantly stay at least two meters away from the sharks. Yet they deserve to travel quickly in any direction and if you can’t acquire out the the means fast sufficient you might have a whale shark near encounter choose the one Hal did. The good news is the a whale shark is not going come eat you. They room filter feeders, sifting tiny plankton and fish eggs from the sea. That’s why your mouths open up so wide. They need to filter a many water to obtain the nutrients forced to power their large bodies (up come 40 feet long!) so why do whale sharks have actually teeth?

Even despite whale sharks are filter feeders, lock still have actually teeth; as plenty of as 3,000. However whale shark teeth room so tiny you have the right to hardly check out them. Inspect out this awesome picture taken through Ross Robertson at the Smithsonian Institution. If you counting you will see an ext than 20 tiny whale shark teeth in every row.


Close increase of Whale Shark this by Ross Robertson, Smithsonian Tropical research study Institute

Now look very closely at one enlargement of mine whale shark photo you will check out a small plate just inside the bottom lip whereby these rows of this reside. Each one of those tiny lines is a heat of whale shark teeth, each around the dimension of a pencil lead. Ns count around 150 rows. 150 x 20? Yep, the adds up. Researchers room still unsure that what function whale shark teeth can possibly serve.


Whale shark this close up

We went swimming with whale sharks in Holbox Island, just north the the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. You can also catch whale shark tourism from Cancun and Isla Mujeres.

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Do Whale Sharks have teeth?

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