For the past 7 continually years, residential architects have ranked outdoor living areas (such together patios) together the no. 1 “special function” room amongst consumers, follow to the American institute of Architects Home design Trends Survey.

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Abby Nelson, a actual estate certified dealer in Orlando, Florida, v 14 year of experience echoes:

“For every solitary buyer, is a large positive. The can add such a ‘wow’ factor that it will make your house move that lot quicker, that lot better, that much easier, and also for more.”

Yet in Remodeling Magazine’s 2018 cost vs. Value report, backyard patios ranked dead last for ROI in ~ resale (47.6%) among 21 well-known renovation jobs in 149 markets.

That renders the patio, characterized as a led outdoor area associated to a house, rather of a paradox in the “major home improvements” camp. Buyers love the function to expand their living room and because that entertaining purposes, but yielding full returns top top the project is tricky business.

Before you go putting down slabs that concrete just to boost your revenue price, monitor these tips from genuine estate experts and also top-rated patio contractors to obtain the most out of this investment.

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Getting the many value out of her patio investment

A patio doesn’t acquire as much traffic as spaces prefer the kitchen and family room. Yet an the end oasis reminds buyers that summer barbecues or roasting marshmallows about the firepit.

Have you ever before spent a lazy afternoon or evening with friends out on the patio, only to look earlier and think, “That to be a terrible time!”


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Like any significant home remodeling project, friend aren’t guarantee to recoup every the money you invested on a patio at resale. However, you deserve to expect the enhancement of usable out living an are to aid you fetch much more money for your house if friend made smart building decisions and took great care that it during your food of ownership.

“It’s something the buyers absolutely love,” states Nelson. “I nothing think I’ve ever before had a the person who lives that’s like, ‘Oh it has that extra attribute we yes, really don’t want’—which can happen with a pool.”