Rupert Murdoch"s former 21st Century Fox assets have now been break-up into comb in Disney and also in Fox ... <+> Corporation.

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At specifically 12:02 A.M. On Wednesday morning, the $71.3 exchange rate mega-merger in between Disney and 21st Century Fox—a transaction over a year in the making—finally came to be official. For Disney, this means a trove of new assets, including the 20th Century Fox film and TV studios, an additional 30% stake in Hulu, cable channels FX and also National Geographic, and Indian media conglomerate Star India. For Fox, it means a new company, Fox Corporation, which has Fox News channel and also Fox’s transfer network.

But what does the all median for Rupert Murdoch, the billionaire media mogul who established 21st Century Fox and ran it (and the predecessor, News Corporation) for 39 years? The chairman that the brand-new Fox Corp., Murdoch—who shares property of his Fox and also Disney assets with his children—had an estimated fortune of around $18.4 billion as of noon Wednesday, just around 12 hours after the deal was official. That’s about $4.3 billion an ext than he was worth top top December 13, 2017, the day prior to Fox and also Disney first announced the deal.

Until beforehand Wednesday morning, the biggest chunk of Murdoch’s fortune was his stake in 21st Century Fox. His 17% stake in the firm was worth about $13.3 billion at that is peak previously this month. Currently that holding has been split into shares of Disney and Fox Corp. On Tuesday, he got one 3rd of a re-superstructure of Fox Corp. For each share of 21st Century Fox he owned. In addition, Murdoch had actually the option of swapping his 21st Century Fox shares into either a part of a Disney share (trading at $107 a share) or $51.57 cash per share. calculation Murdoch’s fortune Wednesday suspect he chosen to take Disney shares quite than cash. (Filings through the SEC supposed at a later date should provide an ext detail ~ above Murdoch’s holdings.)

Assuming the took every stock native the Disney deal, Murdoch now owns $10.5 billion precious of Disney stock. His 39% stake that the new Fox coporation, group is precious $4.2 billion. And also the rest of his following worth is comprised of his share in News Corp., which owns the Wall Street Journal, new York Post and also the Times of London; he additionally owns real estate, art and other investments.

While Murdoch may have actually lost power as an executive—he will have no main position in ~ Disney—he came out top top top as soon as it comes to his fortune. Experts only mean it come get much better for him.

“We see brand-new Fox together well-positioned among traditional media networks as result of its strategic emphasis on sports and also news through minimal exposure come entertainment,” man Hodulik, Charlie Costanzo and also Batya Levi, experts at UBS, wrote in a recent research note about the company, which one of Murdoch"s sons, Lachlan Murdoch, will run. They believe Fox News, the gold goose of Fox Corp., will have the ability to grow revenue and also improve that profit and Ebitda margins, citing the upcoming 2020 choice as built in development for the network. The consensus of experts polled by Yahoo Finance provides the brand-new company a “buy” reference overall.

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Disney, which now owns movie studios Marvel, Pixar, LucasFilm and also a brand-new host that Fox programs and intellectual residential property (including the Simpsons, X-Files and Deadpool), is primed to become an even bigger player in Hollywood. The new intellectual building could assist the giant expand its revenue from template parks, merchandise, movie tickets and also more. And it could also help fuel Disney’s forthcoming family-oriented streaming service, which the agency hopes will rival Netflix and become a major player in the human being of on-demand entertainment.

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