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SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS/KPIX 5) — A Los Angeles Dodgers pan was stabbed to death after his team play the san Francisco Giants at at & t Park top top Wednesday night, and also police said Thursday one of two guys detained in the assault would it is in charged with homicide.Jonathan Denver, 24, to be stabbed roughly 11:35 p.m. Near 3rd and Harrison streets, four blocks indigenous the ballpark where the Giants and Dodgers had actually played earlier in the night, through the Giants to win 6-4.

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Denver, that was wearing Dodgers clothing, was with his father, brother and two other world at the time. They had actually left the video game in the eighth inning and also had unable to do to a nearby bar, mountain Francisco police cook Greg Suhr said at a news conference Thursday morning.

After exiting the bar, the group encountered a group of Giants fans and there to be “a back-and-forth” about the teams’ rivalry, Suhr said.

A minor fight erupted yet was quickly broken up, the chef said.

Suhr said that what happened next remains unclear, however that one of the groups complied with the other group and a second altercation ensued minutes later, throughout which Denver to be stabbed. He was required to San Francisco basic Hospital, wherein he died.

Two Arrested for Fatal Stabbing ~ Giants-Dodgers Game

Suhr said one of the doubt is still gift questioned and may not face charges, yet that the one that made the incriminating statements will certainly be booked for homicide perhaps on Thursday. That was established late Thursday as 21-year-old Lodi resident Michael Montgomery.

Marty Montgomery, the dad of Michael Montgomery, said the Lodi News-Sentinel on Thursday the his kid was jumped during a fight and also he stabbed Denver in self-defense.

Montgomery’s father stated his son told that by call that during the fight, Denver fight his boy over the head through a chair, and in self-defense, his boy stabbed Denver.

Montgomery told his father the Denver, that was attract Dodgers apparel, yelled, “Giants suck,” at Montgomery’s friend who was attract a Giants hat once Denver and also others hit his son and also their friends there is no warning.

Suhr said police room still seeking two other people believed to be linked to the case.

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Suhr did no release any kind of other information about the suspects other than that they had involved San Francisco in a auto registered in Lodi.

Late Thursday morning, the san Francisco Giants tweeted a statement:

“We were deeply saddened to learn of critical night’s horrific occurrence that developed several block from the ballpark and caused the tragic fatality of 24-year old Jonathan Denver. Our thoughts and prayers room with his family during this complicated time. While details are still emerging, we desire to be clear the there is certain no location in our ar for this kind of senseless violence. The Giants are working w/ SFPD to action up enforcement in and around the ballpark tonight and also throughout the remainder of this final home stand. We will also observe a minute of quiet in storage of Mr. Denver prior to tonight’s game.”

Denver worked as a plumber’s apprentice for North coastline Plumbing, heater & Sheet steel Inc. In fort Bragg, follow to one employee in ~ the company. He’s also the boy of a Dodger stadion employee, together the team evidenced via Twitter Thursday.

The Dodgers room shocked and also saddened to discover of the death of Jonathan Denver, who is the child of one of our defense guards.

— Los Angeles Dodgers (
Dodgers) September 26, 2013

Suhr stated the Police Department has been assigning extra officers to this week’s games between the Giants and also Dodgers.

The violence comes simply three work after a teenage football pan was attacked at mountain Francisco’s candlestick Park throughout the san Francisco 49ers 27-7 loss come the Indianapolis Colts. Other violence damaged out at the game on Sunday despite an increase in security. The stadion was likewise the website of two shootings, beatings and fights throughout a preseason game two year ago.

Stadium security and also fan behavior additionally came under scrutiny when one more Dodgers-Giants matchup observed a northern California paramedic severely beaten. Bryan Stow, a Giants fan, endured a traumatic brain injury after ~ a beating by two males dressed in Dodgers gear following the in march 31, 2011, home opener in between the 2 longtime rivals.

Stow’s family members said in a statement that they to be “horrified and deeply saddened” by Wednesday’s violence. “Our thoughts and also prayers go the end to the family.”

The Giants space holding a fundraiser for Stow. The team will donate $10 from every ticket marketed in specific sections of at&t Park in ~ Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday’s gamings to a money setup for Stow, Slaughter said.

The Giants hosted a fundraiser for Stow at Tuesday’s game against the Dodgers and have two more planned in ~ Thursday’s game and during their season finale against the san Diego Padres.

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Suhr claimed police will proceed sending undercover officers wearing Dodgers equipment to Thursday’s game, together with other plainclothes officers, come ensure safety and security in and around the ballpark.

“There’s no place at these gamings for violence,” the said. “Nobody’s life should be at stake.”

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