The brand-new TRX will likewise be available in a limited-run beginning Edition; just 702 examples will it is in made, and they will expense $90,265.The Hellcat-powered ram pickup will go on sale in the fourth quarter that this year. You didn’t think that a pickup truck with 702 horsepower would certainly come cheaply, go you? After years of dreaming the the ram 1500 TRX would pertained to fruition, it finally has, and with a hefty price: $71,690. And that"s simply the starting price.

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The 2021 lamb 1500 TRX, which come in a short-bed, crew-cab configuration, is also easily accessible in a limited-run launch Edition, the which only 702 will certainly be made (get it?). The start Edition, which prices $90,265, comes just in Anvil Gray paint and also the top-trim TR2 interior. That inner option contains a head-up display, Ram"s first, and optional TRX red stitching and also carbon accents.

With that beginning price above $70,000, the lamb 1500 TRX prices $13,555 an ext than the crew-cab Ford Raptor, i beg your pardon starts in ~ $58,135 for 2020. Nonetheless, the TRX"s 6.2-liter super charge V-8 puts out 252 more horsepower 보다 the Raptor"s twin-turbo V-6 powerplant. Additionally helping to justify the TRX’s base price is that reinforced frame and suspension the has much more than 13 inches of take trip front and rear, add to Bilstein adaptive shocks to aid absorb and dispel the irregularities of any type of surface the TRX is tied to find itself on.

The 2021 TRX will certainly go on revenue in the fourth quarter of 2020. The price may be a little alarming, but Ram believes the has provided potential customers plenty that reasons—well end 702—to shell out the money because that a Hellcat-powered pickup.

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