Combining performance through sweet functions inspired through the street racing scene, the 2003 evade SRT4 is based upon the concept car introduced 2 years before at the better Los Angeles Auto Show. The result is a auto that speeds up from 0-60 mph in 5.9 secs straight out of the factory, ending up being the quickest vehicle in the dodge lineup, second only come the dodge Viper SRT 10.

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Priced under $20.000, SRT$ revolutionizes the compact car market, offering an different to provided vehicles. Giving a lower price point to start from the Dodge SRT4 owners interested in personalizing their cars will certainly have an ext cash left for distinct aftermarket enhancements.

But evade SRT4 vehicle drivers won’t need to drop a dime if they don’t desire to. Straight from the factory, this automobile offers a smart different for racing enthusiasm who want to street themselves from various other vehicles and also roll as much as the starting line with something fresh and also unique. V its 2.4-liter, turbo-charged 205 horsepower engine, actual Viper-style gyeongju seats and also performance gauges, dodge SRT4 comes packaged with countless components already tuned and styled for performance. So, it’s ready for sweet nights on the street ideal off the dealer lot.


The dodge SRT4 provides the many "as delivered" power for the dissension of any type of other manufacturing sport compact car available in the united States, foreign or domestic. With an ext than 200 steeds under the hood, it will be among the most powerful four-cylinder dare on the market. To go with all that horsepower, SRT4 likewise features an enhanced cooling system and high-flow fuel system. Like the evade Viper SRT10, the number four in SRT4 denotes the variety of cylinders in the engine, if SRT is one acronym for Street and Racing Technology.

"You have to offer customers the opportunity to yes, really go for the extreme," described Larry Lyons, Vice president - tiny Vehicle Product Team Engineering. "Dodge SRT4 sponsor them the opportunity. It offers them the capacity to knife respect and be embraced on the roadways with a vehicle that stand on its own merit."

Turbo boost makes it sweet turn off the heat

The standard Dodge SRT4 engine it is provided the power of aftermarket kit costing all over from $2,500 to $3,500, yet as a production powerplant, the is extended by a full factory warranty. The SRT4 functions a 2.4-liter DOHC turbo-boosted 205 speech in-line four-cylinder engine that delivers 220 lb.-ft. That torque obtainable from 2000 come 4800 rpm. And also the added boost indigenous the turbo is simply the beginning.


"One that the good things about the SRT4 turbo is that enthusiasm will be able to get extra power out the it later through packages obtainable from our Mopar Performance parts group," stated John Fernandez, manager - Performance auto Operations. However, v performance approximates showing the vehicle is qualified of 0-60 mph acceleration time of approximately 5.9 seconds, through a optimal speed of 148 mph, dodge SRT4 is fast just as it is.

"Dodge SRT4’s performance qualities put that in a league with vehicles priced at an ext than $30,000," stated Marques McCammon, routine Manager - SRT4. "SRT4 offers continuous torque height from 2000 rpm come 4800 rpm."

Paired v SRT4’s turbo-charged powerplant is a high-performance transaxle that features a heavy duty, five-speed manual NVG T850 transaxle and also a muffler-less, dual outlet exhaust mechanism with wider, 2.5-inch refined stainless tips. Adding to the performance capability are a bigger diameter accelerator body and a high circulation intake manifold. Brand-new equal-length halfshafts, high capacity clutch and also drive plate assemblies and also unique engine and also transaxle mounts round out the dodge SRT4 infection system.

Almost unheard of in the compact car enthusiast arena, remarkable driveability indigenous a production automobile is a evade Neon trademark that continues with SRT4. Choose autocross devotees, SRT4 owners also will reap the car’s agile handling ability made possible by 17-inch aluminum power wheels, difficult 50 collection tires, especially tuned strut and also spring assemblies (front and also rear), guide bars (front and also rear), update knuckles and also a distinct K-member.

"We want a vehicle that had actually a nice, well balanced feel v the corners there is no an excess of human body roll," stated Fernandez. "With SRT4, we created a car with a high dose of power that is also highly controllable."


"We’ve gone a tiny firmer top top the feather rates, specifically in the rear, so the we deserve to lessen the rear end dive," stated McCammon. "That allows the automobile to stay level and also even drop down a tiny in the former to acquire you off the heat faster."

Blending power and control was made possible by the interaction between the evade SRT4 advance team and also performance operation engineers who reduced their teeth in Sports vehicle Club that America (SCCA) racing. Some of these weekend racers worked carefully with the little vehicle team come make sure that your SCCA engineering experience found its means into dodge SRT4. "From the onset, employee from these 2 groups operated together to develop a automobile that mirrors our motorsports heritage, both indigenous grassroots Neon ACR racing and also the skilled success of our Viper program," said Fernandez.

Dodge SRT4 additionally features ABS and four-wheel disc brakes with bigger diameter calipers and also rotors, i beg your pardon lie ready and waiting to prevent all the power under the hood. The vehicle’s typical 11-inch disc brakes v upgraded pads assure that SRT4 have the right to drop native 60-0 mph in much less than 120 feet. Other safety functions of evade SRT4 include standard driver and also front passenger waiting bags, as well as optional side air bags.

Even the dodge SRT4’s sound mechanism was design with auto performance in mind. A best-in-class AM/FM stereotype CD with six speakers is standard tools on the SRT4.

"We taken into consideration including a sub-woofer and an intensified sound system, but that would have actually meant including almost 30 pounds come the auto weight which, besides including to the in its entirety cost, would have slowed the car’s performance," said McCammon

Many other popular convenience features also are standard consisting of air conditioning, strength locks and windows, remote keyless entry and a lighting team package.

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Production plans:

Production of dodge SRT4 is booked to begin in the spring of 2003 in ~ the Belvidere (Ill.) Assembly Plant, through sales to begin shortly after. The facility, which started building Neon vehicles in January the 1994, is also the manufacturing site for the 2002 evade Neon models (Base, SE, ES, RT and ACR).