Dodge’s most potent SUV ever, the 2021 Durango SRT Hellcat through its man 710 horsepower, has been priced up, and as we’ve viewed from Hellcat models before it’s a how amazing attainable method to gain silly quantities of power on your driveway. The new 2021 Durango range will kick turn off at $31,765 (plus $1,495 destination), though you need to expect to open up your wallet more than twice as vast if you want the beastliest SUV.

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The Durango SRT Hellcat will start at $80,995 (plus destination), Dodge evidenced today. Order will open up through dodge dealers this fall, with deliveries booked to start early in 2021. The automaker claims it will just be building one version year that the truck. Her money it s okay you a familiar engine: the super load 6.2-liter hem V8, through 710 hp and 645 lb-ft of torque. It’s paired v a TorqueFlite 8HP95 eight-speed automatic transmission, in addition to Launch regulate to pond the promised 3.5 second 0-60 mph time. To store you in reality going in a straight line native a was standing start, meanwhile, there’s start Assist; that guarantees to use sensors on every wheel to balance yielded torque through grip.

All the same, this is most likely to it is in a lively ride. The Durango SRT Hellcat can do a quarter-mile in 11.5 seconds, and has a height speed that 180 mph. Contrasted to the Durango SRT 392 – formerly top Durango dog – it’ll operation 1.5 seconds much faster on a 2.1 mile roadway course. That, dodge crows, is about 9 car lengths after simply one lap. There space SRT Drive settings with Street, Sport, and Track settings, and a Custom mode for tweaking the various elements manually. When it pertains to slowing, meanwhile, dodge slapped top top Brembo six-piston, two-piece (front) and also four-piston (rear) calipers, clamping down on vented rotors measuring 15.75 inches at the front and also 13.8 inches at the rear. Native 60 mph to a full stop take away 116 feet.

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If all that is a tiny much, the 2021 Durango SRT 392 AWD starts in ~ $62,995 (plus destination). You’ll require to attend to the family member shame the “only” having actually 475 horsepower. Should towing be your priority, the 2021 Durango R/T AWD Tow N walk is new, starts in ~ $52,900 (plus destination), and also has 8,700 pounds that towing volume from that is 5.7-liter hemi V8.Dodge also gives the Tow N Go model 20-by-10-inch aluminum wheels in Hyper Black complete as standard, together with black Brembo six-piston brakes. There space Track, Sport, Snow, and also Tow drive modes, if the peak speed is nudged as much as 145 mph. Outside, over there are new flares and sills, a reduced valance, and also a new SRT-tuned power exhaust. Inside, there space the R/T performance Pages in the infotainment system, along with controls because that the SRT energetic Noise Cancellation, brand-new Electronic minimal Slip Differential, and SRT active Damping Suspension.