Crime | go the series surgically eliminate the facts in retelling the story that neurosurgeon Dr. Christopher Duntsch, who maimed 33 the his 38 patients?
Waco: background vs. Hollywood
Bad Education: history vs. Hollywood
Lost Girls: background vs. Hollywood
Serial Killer | accomplish the real mother who began her very own investigation into her missing daughter, whose disappearance could be linked to a serial killer.

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Hustlers: background vs. Hollywood
Crime | previous strippers construct a scheme to cheat wealthy males from wall surface Street, yet how much of it actually happened?
When They see Us: background vs. Hollywood
Serial Killer | does this serial killer movie stick come the facts? We research the film and feature an interview with a survivor.
Crime | The Netflix documentary is maybe filled v as much fiction as most biopics. Uncover out what"s true and what"s not.
Crime | how much that this story of a mom who lies and also convinces the people her son is gravely okay is true?
Whether it"s a young con-artist on the run from the FBI, or a group of college youngsters who construct a strategy to win at blackjack and nearly bring under the house, true story crime movie don"t constantly have come be about murder and also violence. However, the are regularly even an ext engaging once a small blood it s okay on the hands of the criminals, so long as we"re top top the exterior looking in. Whether us feel inclined to cheer for the negative guy(s) or root for your capture, crime movies based on true stories market us a glimpse right into seedy human beings that are usually far more dangerous 보다 our own. Fortunately, for us, we get to escape these environments after two hours. The very same can"t be claimed for the actual criminals behind the movies.
Hugh Jackman portrays open minded Tassone, the superintendent at the heart of the lengthy Island school scandal.
This wildly renowned Netflix documentary speak the at-times exaggerated story of big-cat zoo operator Joe Exotic.
A ruined reporter help a young mrs investigate the secret of she birth, however how much really happened?
Is this story of one elderly WWII veteran that transports drugs because that a mexico cartel filled through fiction.
Ron Stallworth, one African-American police officer, go undercover come infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan in the 1970s.
A young Thurgood Marshall defends a black chauffeur accused that attempted murder by his white employer.

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We shine a light on the real story, including the reporters who damaged the Catholic Church abuse story.
Do the filmmakers organize the reality captive in this story of a single mother that is bring away hostage by a murderer?