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The puffy lymph nodes are showing up on the exact same side of the body together the COVID-19 vaccine injection.

By: Erica Coghill • Posted: march 25, 2021


The COVID-19 vaccine is bring about swollen lymph nodes in many, yet the unauthorized side result is leading to alarm as some mistake the momentary underarm lump for a tumor.

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“The concern is understandable, together a lump in the armpit deserve to be a sign of chest cancer,” claimed Sarah H. Callahan, M.D., a Norton healthcare radiologist.

Dr. Callahan has seen numerous patients whose mammograms show swollen lymph nodes after a COVID-19 vaccination.

Swollen lymph nodes are a typical vaccine side effect, together the body produces antibodies versus the coronavirus that reasons COVID-19.

“Lymph nodes room a component of the body’s immune system, so once you receive a vaccine, those lymph nodes can become inflamed as the body develops an immune an answer to the virus you’re gift vaccinated against,” said Dr. Callahan.

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If did you do it fallen behind on her mammogram schedule, do plans to capture up today.

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The swollen lymph nodes are showing up on the exact same side that the body together the COVID-19 vaccine injection.

Scheduling her mammogram about the COVID-19 vaccine

If you are due because that your annual mammogram and it’s your revolve to get the COVID-19 vaccine, medical professionals advise scheduling with the side impact in mind. Schedule your mammogram prior to the first dose that the vaccine or four to six weeks ~ the 2nd dose. If you have a new concern that needs a mammogram because that a closer look, perform not delay that appointment.

“We don’t want to discourage anyone native receiving their annual mammogram or that COVID-19 vaccine — they room both an extremely important,” Dr. Callahan said. “If you take place to have actually the two around the exact same time, that’s OK. Simply be sure to permit your medical professional know, front of her mammogram, ~ above which side you got your vaccine and also when.”

Doctors additionally advise the if you’ve had breast cancer on one side of her body, to receive the COVID-19 vaccine on the contrary side.

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If you have actually a lymph node that is acquiring larger or swelling is no going away, call your doctor.