One of the best benefits the our commodities is the they arrive at your door frozen in a custom-designed cooler that ensures your items remain frozen throughout the shipping process. However when it come time to gain your Filet Mignon or Chateaubriand Roast v family and friends it’s vital to thaw your grilling goodies properly. Complying with the straightforward steps listed below will guarantee the preparation and thawing items because that your following meal is as worry-free as possible.

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For starters, never ever thaw your products at room temperature. Thawing in the frozen refrigerator will allow for juicier, an ext flavorful steaks. Leaving her items in the vacuum-sealed packaging, eliminate them from your cardboard boxes and also place top top a plate or platter in a single layer. Carry out not dual stack your items during thawing as this will rise the lot of time essential to thaw completely through. You can use the chart listed below as a good guide in estimating how long various items may take to thaw:

Timetable for Defrosting meat in the Refrigerator

MeatRefrigerator(36 to 40° F)
Large Roast4 come 7 hrs per pound
Small Roast3 to 5 hours per pound
1 customs Steak12 come 14 hours
Whole Turkey1 day per 4 to 5 pounds
Poultry Parts1 day per 1 to 2 pounds

If you’re in a pinch and your guest are because of arrive in short order, over there is likewise the option of thawing items in a mixing key or tupperware of cold water. Leaving items in their vacuum-sealed packaging, straightforward place lock in a container of cold water come safely thaw your items much more quickly. Because that example, using this technique will enable for a Filet Mignons to thaw fully in 30-45 minutes.

While the is our the very least recommended method, thawing your items in the microwave is likewise an option. Meats s in the microwave will certainly lose much more of their herbal juices, and therefore the final product might be drier and less tender than when thawed utilizing the frozen refrigerator or cold water methods described above. If you pick to thaw her steaks in the microwave, keep the complying with in mind: leaving meat in wrapping, execute not puncture, watch very closely as the external portions will thaw first. Standing time will complete thawing in the center.

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Now that you’ve thawed her Omaha Steaks item the following step is to merely season and enjoy! For more cooking tips and recipe concepts be certain to check out the Recipes and How come tabs above.