If you"re no eligible to renew your passport, please go come our apply in human being page to discover the measures for how to apply.

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If friend live in Canada, you may be eligible come renew your passport by mail and avoid a trip to a U.S. Embassy or consulate. Please seeApplying for a U.S. Passport from outside the united gendergeek.orgs.

DS-82:U.S. Passport rebirth Application because that Eligible Individuals


Please note:

The type Filler will choose the correct form for you based upon the info you input. It might generate a different form from what girlfriend expect.You mustprovide a Social defense number, if you have actually been approve one, in accordance with22 U.S.C. 2714aand22 C.F.R 51.60(f).If you perform not have actually a Social security number, you must submit a gendergeek.orgment, signed and dated, that consists of the phrase,“I declare under punish of perjury under the laws of the United claims of America that the followingis true and also correct: I have actually never been issued a Social security Number by the Social security Administration.”You have the right to renew a passport book, a passport card, or both documents.You may request a larger passport book with 52 pages atno extr cost by checking the "large book" crate at the top of the DS-82.You must finish all pages that the form and sign and also date it.You have to print your kind single-sided. We carry out not accept double-sided forms.

Tips for renewing from Canada:

Do not encompass your Canadian social Insurance Number ~ above the type in location of her U.S. Social protection number.

You have to submit your many recent passport through your application.

Please note:

Your old passport book and/or card will be went back to you, but generally it will certainly come in a different mailing indigenous your brand-new passport.

If the name you are at this time using is various from the name on your most recent U.S. Passport, you must provide acertified copy of the legal name changedocument. Instances include:

Marriage certificateDivorce decreeCourt-ordered name readjust document

Your name change record will be returned to you in a different mailing native your brand-new passport.

Tips because that renewing indigenous Canada:

If her Canadian divorce decree does not specify a spouse is return to your maiden name, girlfriend must carry out proof of her birth or maiden surname (such together an original or certified copy of your birth certificate).

Attachonephotograph come the application. To avoid processing delays, be certain your photograph meets all thephotorequirements.

Please note:

Staple the phototo the application. Please use 4 staples vertically in the corners as close to the external edges together possible. See instance below.Do not bendthe photo.You can not wear eyeglasses in your passport photo (unless you have actually a signed note from your physician that girlfriend can encompass with her application).

*How to staple your photo to your application:


Include the fees in the kind of apersonal examine or money order.

ProductFormApplication Fee
Passport BookDS-82$110
Passport CardDS-82$30
Passport publication & CardDS-82$140
The application fees listed above are for routine service. Expedited business costs secondary $60.Make check or money order payable to "U.S. Department of gendergeek.org."Please print the full name and also date of bear of the applicant top top the former of the check* or money order.Do not send cash. We are not responsible because that cash sent through the mail.You cannot salary online for passport services at this time. Some companies may charge a fee because that you come fill out your passport form. Read the well print and also disclaimers on your websites. These carriers are no affiliated with the room of gendergeek.org.Renewing from Canada? Personal check or money order must draw on U.S. Financial establishments based in the united gendergeek.orgs and also be payable in U.S. Dollars. Acceptable U.S. Checks and money order must have a 9-digit routing number. Please carry out not include 1-2 day or express delivery fees through your payment. These services are not available to U.S. Residents in Canada.

For details on develops of payment and a full list the fees for routine and also rush service, please seePassport Fees.

*How to fill out your check


Mail your completed application, consisting of your most recent passport, name change record (if applicable), photo, and also fees, to one of the addresses below. Please seeProcessing Timesfor info on how long it will certainly take to get your passport.

If you live in the United gendergeek.orgs, you should use the United claims Postal company (USPS) to mail your renewal application and also supporting documents. If you live in Canada, you should use Canada Post. Please execute not use other shipment services such together UPS, FedEx, or DHL. Only USPS or Canada article can provide to the PO crate addresses detailed on type DS-82. If you usage UPS, FedEx, DHL, or another agency to send her application, the applicationwill be went back to you.

Routine Service(If girlfriend live in California, Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, brand-new York, or Texas):

National Passport processing Center short article Office box 640155 Irving, TX 75064-0155

Routine Service(If you live in any kind of other gendergeek.org or Canada):

National Passport handling CenterPost Office box 90155Philadelphia, PA 19190-0155

Expedited Service(Additional fee applies. For any gendergeek.org or Canada):Write "EXPEDITE" on the outside of the e-mail envelope.

national Passport processing CenterPost Office box 90955Philadelphia, PA 19190-0955

How come Mail her Application:

Use an envelope huge enough to fit the applicationwithoutfoldingUse United says Postal company (USPS)Request Priority letter Express, which is the fastesttrackable delivery method offered by USPS.The technique used must be able to deliver to a P.O. Box address.
Is your family member or spouse also renewing a passport? You have the right to send united gendergeek.org multiple applications in the same envelope and pay because that the applications making use of one check or money order. Make certain to add up the correct fees for multiple applications.

You might be eligible come renew in human at a passport firm or center if you require a passport quickly. please see get My Passport Fastfor much more information.

Outside the United claims (any nation besides Canada):

Please call yourU.S. Embassy and also Consulate.

You cantrack your applications statusonline.

Note: It might take 4 weeks indigenous the work you use until her application condition is “In Process.” during these 4 weeks, your application is yielded to a mail facility, her payment is processed, and your application is scanned and sent come us. If your passport standing update claims “Not Available,” your application and supporting records are safe on their way to us.

No. If you room renewing her passport with type DS-82, acceptance facilities will no take your application. Acceptance infrastructure should never charge you a $35 fee for renewing her passport. These areas should just charge friend a $35 fees if friend are using using kind DS-11.

You should mail in your renewal application (Form DS-82) yourself. Mail your kind DS-82 have the right to be confusing since some short article offices are additionally passport acceptance facilities. However, postal employees have to not evaluation your form DS-82 rebirth application and supporting documents before you letter it. We recommend you ask USPS to send your kind DS-82 and also supporting files using a trackable delivery method. Perform not usage UPS, FedEx, or DHL because the deal with you should send your kind DS-82 and supporting papers to is a short article Office (PO) Box.

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deserve to I renew at a passport firm or center instead of mailing in my rebirth application?

Yes, but you can only renew in person at a passport firm or facility if you meet the demands on our acquire my Passport quick page.

Yes. If you have actually a passport bookandyou are eligible come use kind DS-82, girlfriend may use for a passport card together a rebirth by mail also if the is yourfirstpassport card. Learn more about theU.S. Passport card.

Yes. Her passport does not need to be expired for you to renew it. If you desire to renew both a precious passport book and passport card, you must submit both documents. Because that example, if you can submit a passport book, however you shed your passport card, you can not renew the passport card. If you desire to renew either a valid book or a card, you have to submit the specific record you desire to renew.

We introduce renewing your passport fine ahead of any kind of planned global gendergeek.org, also if that still has actually a few months validity left on it.Some nations require that your passport be valid at least six months beyond the days of your trip. Learn more about yourdestination"s entrance requirements.

Yes, but the passport must have actually been issued within the last 15 years.

In addition, you must have actually the passport in her possession, it cannot be damaged, girlfriend must have been age 16 or older as soon as the passport to be issued, and it must have been approve in your present name or you must present legal evidence of your name change.

Yes. If yourfamily member or spouse is additionally renewing a passport, you might want come sendmultiple applications in the same envelope. You can pay because that the applications utilizing one check or money order. Make sure to add up the exactly fees because that multiple applications.

Yes. Once you get your new passport, your old passport is no valid for worldwide gendergeek.org. However, if your old passport is attached to a valid visa, you have the right to still use the precious visa. You must gendergeek.org with both your new andold passport in this case.

If you space behind in son support payment of $2,500 or more, girlfriend cannot acquire a passport. For much more information, you re welcome seeChild assistance Payments and also Getting a U.S. Passport.

After we publish your passport, we will certainly send it come you and return your sustaining documents. Just how we send her passport and also supporting documents depends if you used for a publication and/or a card, if girlfriend paid second fee because that 1-2 day delivery, and where girlfriend live.

I used for a passport publication only:You may receive your newly-issued passport and also your citizenship files in two separate mailings. Please call theNational Passport information Center(NPIC) if you carry out not get a second mailing within 4 main of receiving the first. We have the right to send her passport publication via a 1-2 day distribution service.

I used for a passport card only:You might receive your newly-issued passport card and your citizenship papers in two separate mailings. You re welcome contactNPICif you perform not receive a 2nd mailing in ~ 4 main of receiving the first. We just send the passport map via first Class Mail. We perform not send cards via 1-2 day distribution services.

I applied for both a passport book and also passport card:You may receive three separate mailings; one v your citizenship documents, one with your newly-issued passport book, and also one v your newly-issued passport card. Please contactNPICif you carry out not receive the second or third mailing within 4 main of the vault mailing.

I live in Canada: If you live in Canada, send the rebirth application to us via Canada Post. We will return your passport and also supporting records to girlfriend via USPS an initial Class Mail. One-to-day and also express delivery company is not available if friend live in Canada.

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When you obtain your brand-new passport, the number on the paper will be various from the number on her previous passport.