US president Donald Trump has criticised NFL players that kneel during the national anthem in protest at what lock perceive as racial injustice.

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He calls it "disrespecting the flag" but supporters the the protest believe the football player are working out their best to free speech.

The Flag password covers all facets of etiquette in relation to the Stars and Stripes, including exactly how to behave when the anthem is played. The code is never ever enforced, however, and there is no punishment for breaching it.

The code states that persons present are intended to stand and also face the flag, if there is one. Civilians should stand to fist with best hand over heart, while army personnel in uniform and also veterans should salute throughout. A current amendment come the code said that army personnel out of uniform could additionally salute.

President Barack Obama famously neglected to placed his hand end his heart throughout the 2008 election campaign. He explained his mistake by saying his grand taught that to execute this only during the pledge, and to only sing throughout the anthem.

On the balcony the the White House, president Trump needed a prompt from his mam Melania as soon as he forgot to put his hand on his chest.

Did an initial Lady Melania Trump give her husband a 'nudge' during the nationwide anthem? you decide

Alexandra Deutsch, from the Maryland historic Society, tells the exactly how America obtained its nationwide anthem

Men not in uniform need to remove any headdress with their appropriate hand and hold it at their left shoulder, the password states. This is generally observed at sporting events. NFL players might not placed on your helmets until after the anthem is played.

The Flag Code provides no mention of even if it is the anthem must be sung by those present. However, singing the Star-Spangled Banner is motivated from college onwards - in some institutions it is compulsory. In 1942 the nationwide Anthem Committee composed that "it is the paramount prominence that emphasis be put upon the singing of the nationwide Anthem".

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Numerous manufacturers the flag merchandise can be in trouble here. The Flag Code states that it have to not be used for any advertising purpose, and should no be embroidered or published on any kind of material for short-term use.

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It should also never be part of a costume or sporting activities uniform, or used as "wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery". Olympic medal winners who celebrate their success by covering themselves in the flag should take note.