is the world’s largest music communication featuring terrestrial radio stations, preserve streaming music channels, and incredibly exciting music events. The application and desktop site is a cost-free audio streaming organization with end 200 channels of music, consisting of some of her favourite radio stations such as Virgin, CHUM, QM FM, CJAY and also many more!

It’s easy to use: download the app or go to, pick music by your mood, activity, or favourite station, whatever suits you, and enjoy! There room endless choices so you deserve to customize the listening endure to what YOU desire to hear. Stream to gain exclusive avenues to be part of events roughly North America.

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2.Who is for? is because that anyone that loves music, talk radio, news, comedy and sports!

3. What channels are had in

All 105 of Bell Media’s terrestrial radio stations space in, and 110 music and comedy networks to suit every little thing mood, taste or activity you desire. And there are many more channels to come! prefer Spotify or Google pat Music? is a repertoire of music, talk and sports radios stations, curated by the ideal people in the business. The channels are categorized into moods and activities to serve your listening needs. It is completely unique in that it is giving both online and also traditional radio stations within one platform.


5.How deserve to I listen to

There are countless ways to reap! walk to to listen on any kind of web internet browser or download the app and listen on the go.

6. Which devices support the app?

The app is available on the latest variation of iOS and also Android for both phones and also tablets!

7. Where can I download the app?

Download the app directly from the Apple application Store or the Google beat Store, connected here.

8. Can I accessibility in mine car?

Yes! You have the right to either usage Bluetooth to connect your iOS or Android device to your stereo system and also stream indigenous the app, or by using Android Auto or Apple’s CarPlay.

9.Which cars support

Any auto that support Apple’s CarPlay or Android Auto.

10. Deserve to I access the application at house on my TV?

If you have a smart TV, the application can be shared to your TV display screen through Airplay, or you can visit v a connected TV.

11. Have the right to I access the app on mine gaming console? can be regarded on game console net browser. One app committed to gaming consoles is at this time under development.

12. Have the right to I hear to on mine computer?

Yes! every you need to do is walk to and select your favourite radio terminal or digital stream.

13. Carry out I need to be signed in to hear to

No you carry out not have to be logged in to listen to

14. How many devices have the right to be linked to one account?

There is no limit to the number of devices that can be connected to her account. Hear to your heart’s content!

15. Which tools are compatible v

All iOS and Android tools that are using the present operating device or the one prior will be compatible v

16. Just how do I find for a specific radio terminal on

Use the search tool within the application or in the food selection of and enter the surname of the station that you are looking for.

17. Can I use Canada when I’m traveling to the US?

The Canada application is right now only easily accessible in Canada. You can, however; download the American application to currently music in the U.S. Remember the roaming fees from her cell phone provider may apply.

18. How much is is completely totally free to every Canadians!

19. Have the right to I produce my very own playlist on the application like I deserve to on other digital music services?

We are in the early stages that looking in ~ the plus platform, i beg your pardon is an on-demand subscription service.

20.Will assistance French stations?


21. Is the same as the one in the U.S.?

While we room affiliated through in the U.S we do not lug the exact same content. All the terrestrial radio stations room Canadian. We perform carry practically 100 streams as part of our partnership.

22. Can I log right into through Facebook or Google?

Yes you can login through your facebook or Google account.

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23. If I have an existing log in through a neighborhood station, should I usage the very same email address to sign up to iHeart?

It’s finest to authorize up to making use of the very same email deal with and password the you offered foryour favourite local station. This way your content and also communication preferences will carry over come iHeart.

24. I’m having actually trouble signing in ~ above Who can assist me?

Please shot using the ‘forgot password’ link on the user login page to check out if that solves your issue. If girlfriend still conference problems, please email infoENG