While most of united state want the alternative to shop at Costco for massive quantities the our favorite snacks or most necessary toiletries, the fact is some simply aren"t willing to covering out an yearly fee because that a Costco membership. Luckily, there are a couple of simple loopholes that can aid solve this problem, and also let even non-members indulge in deals like the $1.50 hot dog combo (via CNBC). 

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You probably currently know the you deserve to tag together with a member you know, or use a Costco cash map bought and loaded by a member in stimulate to get inside the substantial wholesale store, however what you might not understand is the there room even easier ways to skirt the rules. For example, in around 12 states it"s illegal come prohibit the sale of alcohol through a club or membership. That way you can walk appropriate in by merely stating that you"re buying "non-member goods," and also they"ll have to let you stock up on low-priced or even Kirkland-brand booze for her holiday party (via Cheapism).

Other non-member perks encompass health services prefer optical exams and hearing tests, but if you want to buy a pair the glasses or a hear aid, climate you"re walking to should be a member or recognize one who"s ready to pay because that you and also then be reimbursed.


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One that the best things around Costco is the pharmacy, which is the cheapest in-person pharmacy out there if girlfriend don"t have actually insurance, follow to Consumer Reports. Luckily, you likely don"t need a member to fill a prescription at Costco, or even to acquire a flu vaccine. This plan does count on state law, however, for this reason it"s precious googling forward to make certain it uses where you live (via Money talks News). Also, make certain the store you"re going to has a pharmacy, since not all of them do. 

Finally, if you"re exhausted of listening how great and cheap the warm dogs and pizzas of the Costco food court are, friend don"t require a membership to try them. If the food court is exterior of the store, you deserve to walk appropriate up and pay cash for your cheap-yet-tasty food without a membership. Also if the food court is located inside, friend can enter the save to buy any kind of of the above-mentioned, non-member products and make a pit stop at the food court, as lengthy as you can pay cash (via The Kitchn).