One that the most frequently asked inquiries we receive in regards to Apple’s Airpods is, deserve to you attach the Airpods without the case?A case is required for the initial connection from your Airpods to your device, however, if you have previously paired your Airpods to your maker the connection will quiet be present until unpaired & for this reason will not require a situation to pair to your device.

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Let’s take it a look in ~ this in much more detail by looking at the ability & limitations of the Airpods there is no the case.

Can You affix AirPods there is no the Case?

If your AirPods have already been paired through your device before and you have actually not unpaired that from your machine then her Airpods can & will affix to your maker automatically. However, if this is a new an equipment or you have unpaired your device then you will need the situation for the early stage pairing process.The Airpods instance has simply does two things, it charges your Airpods & is in charge of the early pairing process. That does this v the switch located in the back of the Airpods case. That button is in charge of resetting her Airpods, reconnecting your Airpods to an apple device, & connecting to an Android an equipment manually via Bluetooth.

Can You attach Airpods through A various Case?

Yes, connecting her Airpods with a different situation is feasible and is quite simple. To affix your Airpods through a different situation simply place the Airpods in the case hold the setup switch until that resets the Airpods. Then simply sync them with your machine and it will certainly be good to go!The case can it is in purchased separately at Apple’s main store. It will certainly however set you ago $79 but unfortunately, over there is no means around not having the case.

Can You affix AirPods as soon as the instance is Dead?

Yes, you will still be able to use & affix your Airpods if the case is dead if the Airpods themselves room charged & if girlfriend have currently paired her Airpods with your an equipment before. However, if this is a new an equipment then you will not be able to affix your Airpods come the an equipment until your instance is charged.

Can You charge Airpod there is no The Case?

No, unfortunately, you will not have the ability to charge your Airpods there is no the case. However, if you have actually lost her case, you will be able to purchase a brand-new case separately & will have the ability to easily pair it through your currently Airpods by placing your Airpods in the case and holding the button on the back to reset your Airpods.

Related Questions:

1. Can You track a shed Airpods Case?

The only means you will be able to track your Airpods instance is by making use of Tile. Brick is a slim device that you can affix to your Airpods situation which will permit you come detect the place of your case through the App.

2. Deserve to You Track shed Airpods

Yes, tracking your lost Airpods is reasonably simple girlfriend will have the ability to track it with the “Find my iPhone” App”. Merely log in come the application select your machine and climate you will be presented through the location of your maker as well as the option to transmit sound from every Airpods separately allowing you to discover each pair an ext effectively.

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3. If I lost my AirPods charging instance will Apple administer me v a new one for free?

Unfortunately no, Apple says that if you lose your Airpods situation you will be charged a fee because that the replacement. The Apple limited Warranty consists a defective battery & does no cover wear from regular use nor will certainly it cover shedding your case.

Final Thoughts

So over there you have actually it, the situation is only required if you room connecting come a new an equipment or you have unpaired your device. However, if you have actually previously paired her Airpods come your device it will certainly simply affix once you ar your Airpods on her ears. Additionally, if you have lost her Airpods situation you will have the ability to easily affix your Airpods to a different instance by placing castle in the case and also holding the reset button.How to attach Turtle beach Headset come Nintendo Switch?Can You affix Turtle beach Stealth 600 to computer Without Adapter?How to connect Oculus pursuit 2 come Phone?Can You charge A Laptop with a call Charger?How to affix Jabra Earbuds come an iPhone