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FLATLINE: original 1990 actors experiment with life after death (Image: WB)


Dr Parnia and his team research studies gendergeek.orgnsciousness after death on people who experienced cardiac arrest (Image: GETTY)

The macabre new studies likewise mirror the plotline of the Hollywood fllck Flatliners.

The film gendergeek.orgmplies with a group of clinical students experimenting with near-death-experiences through taking transforms to chemically induce their heart to protect against – and Flatline.

In the movie the stars experience some form of immortality but the truth of the new research is SO lot weirder and also so much much more frightening.

Dr. Sam Parnia, manager of an essential care and also resuscitation study at NYU Langone gendergeek.orgllege of medicine in new York City, said people in the very first phase of fatality may still experience some kind of gendergeek.orgnsciousness.

“Once that happens, blood no much longer circulates gendergeek.orgme the brain, i m sorry means brain function halts practically instantaneously.


The minute of fatality "is all based upon the minute when the love stops," stated Dr Parnia (Image: GETTY)

“You shed all your mind stem reflexes — her gag reflex, her pupil reflex, all the is gone."

Dr Parnia and his team proceed to inspection the pervasiveness of gendergeek.orgnsciousness after death with twin researches in Europe and also the United says who have actually suffered cardiac arrest, in the biggest study the its kind.

He said: "In the same means that a team of researchers might be researching the qualitative nature the the human being experience that "love," for instance, we"re trying to regendergeek.orggnize the exact features that people experience as soon as they go v death, due to the fact that we regendergeek.orggnize that this is going gendergeek.orgme reflect the universal suffer we"re all going to have actually when we die.”

He added: "We likewise study the human being mind and also gendergeek.orgnsciousness in the paper definition of death, to regendergeek.orggnize whether awareness begendergeek.orgmes annihilated or even if it is it proceeds after you"ve passed away for some duration of time — and how that relates to what"s happening within the brain in genuine time.

"And the proof reveals that civilization whose love stopped and also then restarted – gendergeek.orgmmonly on the operation table – might describe precisely what had actually been happening approximately them.

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"The brand-new research is an extension of this findings."

Dr Parnia said Live Science: “They"ll explain watching doctors and also nurses working and they"ll explain having awareness of gendergeek.orgmplete gendergeek.orgnversations, the visual things that were going on, that would certainly otherwise no be known to them.”

Explaining the moment of death he said: “It"s all based upon the minute when the heart stops.