Pool parties and also beach adventures both involve at least one thing: swimming. Safety jackets and also wearable floats room a couple of methods to ensure anyone is safeguarded in the water, however there are other precautions numerous of us follow, like swimming with a buddy and waiting 30 minute after eating before taking a dip. Where did that last rule come from, and also is waiting to swim actually crucial safety precaution? Here, one expert explains whether this is reality or myth.

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According to Motti Eliyahu, one EMT-CC, firefighter, and also lifeguard instructor at Lifeguard training NY, there's no genuine safety requirement approximately waiting a particular amount the time ~ eating prior to taking a dip in a swimming pool or the ocean. "People say that it reasons severe muscle cramps, i beg your pardon can cause drownings while swimming," states Eliyahu. "Just like any exercise, if girlfriend eat right before you occupational out, that can reason nausea and you can gain uncomfortable, but this won't reason anyone come drown no one is the dangerous."

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Still, Eliyahu notes the it isn't unheard that for world to (mistakenly) think otherwise. "We train end 1,500 lifeguards a year, and we hear it all the time from our students the they need to sit and relax for 30 minutes right after lock ate in stimulate to continue the training," the says. "As component of the lifeguard cultivate class, we explain to the lifeguard candidates the eating and drowning have actually no correlation." The Centers for an illness Control and also Prevention (CDC) defines that drink alcohol is a leading cause for drowning, though, as it "impairs balance, coordination, and judgment, and also it rises risk-taking behavior."

When swimming in general, our bodies have a details response. "We have the 'Fight or Flight' and also the 'Rest and Digest,' additionally known together the sympathetic and parasympathetic worried systems," notes Eliyahu. Digestion and metabolism are a component of the parasympathetic system, and also your body's heart rate is slower. Top top the various other hand, her heart rate will boost in her sympathetic nervous device when friend swim. However, Eliyahu says there is a misconception once it concerns these systems. "When girlfriend eat, the parasympathetic nervous system kicks in and diverts the bloodstream away from her arms and also legs i beg your pardon can reason drownings," he explains. "While this is true, swimming after eating is not a attention activity." The professional notes the you will continue to be safe since our bodies create plenty of blood and also oxygen to send to your stomach and also muscles. "There space no documented deaths attributed to anyone swimming best after castle ate," that says. "In short, swimming best after eating, is not dangerous in ~ all."