Attention every aspiring 2020 thru-hikers—don’t forget to it is registered your thru-hike top top the Appalachian follow Conservancy’s (ATC’s) form, which has your begin date and also location. It is registered is voluntary, however helps thru-hikers and the ATC monitor the busiest start dates and also locations.

Register Here

With the AT enhancing in popular every year, the ATC has actually been hard at job-related looking for avenues to maintain the trail together sustainably as possible while encouraging use. Spontaneous registration and promoting nontraditional hikes room some actions currently put in place. Even if you’re heading the end for the night or taking on a ar hike, the ATC’s at Camp page will take registrations for hikes of every distances. Thru-hikers can register here.

In 2016, almost 80% of all attempted thru-hikers collection out because that a NOBO hike, with the ATC report an approximated 3,377 hikers start their hike at Springer Mountain. Those numbers have increased every year because then.

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