Reddit supplies a membership tier called Reddit Premium. What is Reddit Premium and also how is it various from Reddit Gold?

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Reddit is the front page of the internet, the birthplace of memes, the just social media website that has an ext visitors than Facebook. It additionally offers a membership tier dubbed Reddit Premium. So, what is Reddit Premium and also how does the work?

Every Website has actually Bills to Pay

maybe the many community-centric platform over there is, Reddit has constantly been open and also honest around ads, and seems less driven through money than Instagram or Facebook. However like any other business, Reddit has bills come pay.

gold was released in 2010 as one of the means to carry out pay the bills. "Gilding" became a point as integral to Reddit as upvotes and karma. Yet you may have actually noticed the in 2018 the "Give Gold" option alongside Reddit links disappeared, and also a Reddit Premium option showed up instead.

In this write-up we take an comprehensive look at Reddit Premium, explaining what it is and how that works. We additionally explain what taken place to Reddit Gold.

What is Reddit Premium? part 1
What is Reddit Premium? part 2

What Is Reddit Premium?

Reddit Premium is the payment membership that replaced Reddit gold in 2018, number of months after the Reddit redesign to be rolled out. Because so numerous Redditors routinely perplexed the gold membership through the yellow you can give, Reddit decided to rebrand those two concepts.

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through the brand-new names come some new perks, but the platform likewise killed some of the beloved old features. There"s additionally been a price change, which was much less welcomed in the community.

Reddit Premium vs. Reddit Gold

The switch from Reddit gold to Reddit Premium sparked grumbling in /TheoryOfReddit, v users accusing the platform of that company greed and saying the new award names room "dripping through hello fellow kids-level tackiness."

even if it is you agree through these opinions or not, Reddit Premium is here to stay. Here"s how it"s various from the Reddit yellow of olden days:

It"s 1.5 times an ext expensive. The monthly subscription cost has unable to do up indigenous $3.99 to $5.99. You can"t pay every year any kind of more. There"s no yearly subscription option for Premium, for this reason you"ll to have to pay every month. That deserve to come in handy if you decide to cancel after a couple of months though. You get Coins every month. formerly Creddits, Reddit Coins space a virtual currency you have the right to buy awards with. The Premium membership offers you a monthly pin money of Coins. Gilding came to be "awarding." The award system is a little more complex than gilding supplied to be and has 3 tiers: Silver, Gold, and also Platinum. Gold gives the human you forgive one mainly of Premium membership, if Platinum gives them Premium because that one month. Silver- doesn"t give any Premium benefits and also is basically a method to super upvote someone.

If girlfriend previously had actually the Reddit yellow membership, you automatically became a Reddit Premium member. The price continues to be the very same for you, regardless of whether you salary monthly or annually.

What You obtain With Reddit Premium

so what does the $5.99/month buy, exactly? and also are the extra features really precious the money? right here are the perks you obtain with a Reddit Premium membership.

Coins come Spend

once you an initial subscribe come Reddit Premium, you gain a one-time bonus of 1,000 coins, and also after that you knife 700 coins every month. This coins don"t expire. You have the right to use castle to offer Silver, Gold, or Platinum to thank other Redditors because that the links and comments friend appreciate.