A Microsoft 365 subscription deserve to be expensive, yet there are ways to acquire Word and other Office apps without payment - right here are your options

You don"t necessarily should pay to get Word and also other Office apps

ByChris Martin, reviews Editor

| 13 Aug 2021


Not so long ago, Microsoft released a brand-new version that Word and also its various other Office apps every few years. This launches were eagerly anticipated, through relatively few new features released in between.

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While Microsoft still produces independent versions of these apps, many of the new features space behind the paywall of Microsoft 365. A subscription uses plenty of functionality besides Word, Excel and also PowerPoint, but if you"ll just be using basic features, it can be challenging to justification the cost.

Fortunately, there are plenty the other options if you"re looking to get started through Word or any type of of the various other Microsoft Office apps. Girlfriend can accessibility these across all your devices, even if it is you"re functioning on a phone, tablet, laptop or PC.

We"ve outlined some cost-free workarounds below, and also significantly discounted offerings, yet should you go through all this and also decide girlfriend don"t want Microsoft native at all there is additionally plenty of totally free alternative office suitesthat space compatible with Microsoft"s software.

Download the totally free Office apps foriOS, Android and also Windows

Microsoft"s target is for all your files to seamlessly sync in between devices via OneDrive. Through that in mind, that is Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps are cost-free to download because that Android and also iOS. All the relevant links are below.

iOS apps

Android apps

Windows apps

While this are complimentary for any kind of device, they don"t simply enable you full accessibility to all the functions, with the complete functionality held ago for Microsoft 365 subscribers. Check out our full Microsoft Office purchase guide.

You"ll constantly be able come open and read documents for free, but can only create and also edit lock for cost-free on a an equipment with a display screen smaller 보다 10.1 inches. That method you can modify Word papers from a smartphone or tiny tablet, however if you"re ~ above a bigger tablet, laptop, or desktop PC you have the right to only watch them.

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On iOS, the distinction is simpler at least: you can create and edit files for free on any type of iPhone, continuous iPad, iPad waiting or Mini, but iPad pro users can only view files.

It"s worth noting that even on a an equipment with a smaller screen, friend only gain what Microsoft calls the "core" Office experience, v some editing tools and also features not obtainable to free users.