Microsoft Office has been a longstanding clip in homes and workplaces because that years. It has become a go-to efficiency tool provided by countless workers. There room two simple versions of Microsoft Office. Yes sir the timeless Microsoft Office one time purchase that has actually been approximately for fairly some time. Over there is also the more recent subscription-based version, Microsoft Office 365. Therefore which option is the ideal option because that you and what are the differences between the two plans? this particular day I’ll take a look in ~ both the monthly subscription plan and also the one-time purchase choice to aid you make the ideal decision.

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Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365)

Microsoft’s Office 365 is a subscription business that guarantee users have actually the most contemporary productivity tools that Microsoft needs to offer. There space multiple Microsoft Office 365 plans because that home, business, big corporations, schools, and non-profits.

This subscription-based setup is thought about the best option for customers who want access to the complete spectrum the Microsoft apps and perks on lot of devices. Users have access to the very same benefits and apps the come with the one-time acquisition Microsoft version yet with included features, apps, and also enhancements.


Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Publisher, and access are among the apps that users have accessibility to across devices (PC, Mac, tablet, and phone). Up to six tools can accessibility one account at one time and, depending on your subscription, users have the right to share your account with up come five people for a full of six people with one subscription.

With the capacity to access Microsoft Office 365 through multiple devices, users can start a record on their computer and access it conveniently on your phone or tablet computer at a later time.This ability to work across devices to conveniently get work done is unique with Microsoft Office 365 (the Microsoft Office one time purchase version does not include a cross-platform feature).

One the the greatest perks that Microsoft Office 365 is that users v this version will constantly be running the most existing version the the apps.

Users never have to be concerned about brand-new versions since it instantly updates every version and also feature in ~ no extr charge. This consists of security updates, improvements, the recent features, and tools.

If you a user that despises the bicycle of updating your computer systems with the latest edition that Office every few years, then Microsoft Office 365 (recently rebranded come Microsoft 365) might be the right option for you.

Features distinctive to 365

Microsoft Office 365 additionally comes through cloud functions to boost a user’s productivity throughout devices.

Cloud Storage


With the subscription, users get 1TB that Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage and up to 6TB in complete when utilizing a family members subscription. Subscribers can also purchase additional storage if needed.Up to second 1TB of storage can be to buy in 200GB increments for secondary $1.99 every month.

Technical Support

Technical support is likewise included through Microsoft Office 365, at no added cost, for technical issues, subscription, and also billing support. This different from the one time acquisition version the Microsoft which just has totally free technical support for installs.

Service vs Product

Like various other subscription services, Microsoft Office 365 gives its customers a company as opposed to just a product. Subscribers are given the appropriate to operation the suite’s applications and accessibility associated services. This company is only listed as long as payment continue. When a user stops paying, the user loser their rights to run the applications and services. Customers will have actually 30 days previous the ahead payment’s due day to proceed operating together normal.

You have to Keep Paying

Just like subscription services are arbitrarily on payment, for this reason is the license for Microsoft Office 365. If payments are no longer made, then the license is revoked. Users have the right to restore the patent by resuming payments.

One Time purchase Microsoft Office

The Microsoft Office one time purchase option is the an ext traditional path to use v Microsoft Office.


With the one time acquisition option, users pay a single, upfront price for one license/computer. This is Microsoft’s stand-alone version of its famous suite that office apps. Through no monthly or yearly subscription, individuals make a one time acquisition which means they own that software application license forever.

This version permits users come install their Microsoft Office apps top top one computer and also get security updates.Users room unable to accessibility follow-up execution or access new features and tools uneven they purchase it again at full price.

Although this variation comes through apps that incorporate Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook, that does not incorporate some that the attributes that come with Microsoft Office 365.

Some of the functions not consisted of are:

cloud storage, ongoing technical support, and also the ability to work throughout devices.

The one time acquisition option provides users through the license to legally run the software and gives the purchaser the best to use their variation in perpetuity.

This means that over there is no expiration date and also the purchaser can use the ms Office Suite for as lengthy as they choose without paying any kind of recurring fee.

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Side by side Comparison

Microsoft Office 365Subscription-basedMicrosoft Office 2019(latest version)One-time purchase
➕ accessibility to every applications➕ accessibility to popular applications
➕ lot of users throughout multiple devices➕ No monthly fees
➕ Upgrades at no added cost➕ security updates
➕ ongoing customer support➕ Traditional, familiar experience for users
➕ home windows 10, 8.x, 7, and macOS support➕ assistance for home windows 10 and also macOS support
➖ Subscription fees (monthly or yearly)➖ One machine for each license
➖ restricted performance if service issues➖ confined to windows 10 and also macOS
➖ A brand-new experience for users, potentially overwhelming➖ No upgrades included
➖ Users might be paying because that tools and also features the they nothing use➖ No ongoing customer support

Cost Comparison: multiple sclerosis Office Subscription vs One Time Purchase

Now that we’ve looked in ~ what every version has to offer, let’s speak cost.

So if users are looking to upgrade multiple computer systems at when (for instance for a business), then purchasing the one-time version can be i have lot of money up-front.