Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) is the best option for anyone who desires all the Office apps and everything the company provides. It"s feasible to re-publishing the account with up to six people. The giving is likewise the just option that provides a continuity of updates at a low price of ownership. However, this is not for everyone since there space monthly or yearly fees, and you can end up paying for functions you will never use.

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Six human being account shareAccess every appsFree upgradesCustomer supportWindows 11, 10, 8.1, macOS support

Office 2021 might be the better choice if you need only the core apps due to the fact that it comes through Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. The caveat is that the upfront price could it is in expensive. You have to pay again come upgrade and don"t get additional features.


One device licenseLimited functions scopeNo upgradesNo client supportNo support for older Windows

If friend are new to Microsoft Office or plan to upgrade the suite that apps, you will come across two products, consisting of Office 2021 and also the Office apps from Microsoft 365, making the decision a little much more complicated. Although these offerings offer you access to the same set of apps, the difference comes down to the list of added benefits and also costs.

What you should know around Microsoft 365

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Microsoft 365 is the name for the paid business that has replaced Office 365. The company has a different name, yet it offers the same apps accessible with Office 2021, add to the services of the vault name. The only distinction is the you will likewise get many brand-new extras.

Microsoft 365 is the new brand because that the paid service that replaces Office 365.

Since this is a paid service, you will be making payment every month (or every year) to usage the suite of apps, such together Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Access, and also others on every your gadgets (desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones). However, this is as lengthy as just five tools are accessing the account in ~ one time.

Also, if you get the family subscription plan, you deserve to share the account with up to five additional users because that a full of up to six people with one plan.

Perhaps the most far-reaching advantage is the you never need to think about upgrades ever again. When you install the Office apps indigenous Microsoft 365, you will constantly be in the latest version. This means that when the apps room installed, castle will automatically receive security and maintenance updates, improvements, and new features as shortly as they are ready. Because that instance, as soon as available, girlfriend will have the ability to install the redesigned version of Office on windows 11 or windows 10.

The business lets you access cloud-based features to boost your performance in school, office, and throughout devices (Windows, macOS, iOS, and also Android). Everyone in the plan will gain 1TB of OneDrive warehouse (up to 6TB in complete with the family subscription) and Skype minutes. The subscription likewise includes assistance through phone and chat come resolve any type of issue.

If you have actually a the majority of photos and videos, in addition to the currently 1TB of cloud storage, it"s feasible to acquisition up come 1TB of added OneDrive storage on 200GB increments because that an extra $1.99 per month, doubling the complete storage capacity to 2TB (1TB currently included v the plan and also 1TB with the added plan) for $9.99 per month. The option is obtainable for Microsoft 365 personal and household members. However, just the primary account holder will receive the extr storage if you have the family plan.

Who have to buy Microsoft 365?

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Microsoft 365 is the finest option if you desire everything since you deserve to install the apps on every an equipment (Windows 11, 10, 8.1, and also macOS). The is likewise the just option that provides constant updates at a low expense of ownership. In contrast, Office 2021 only enables you to install the apps on one computer system running home windows 11 (or home windows 10), and you have to pay again for upgrades.

If girlfriend need access to the suite the apps, Microsoft 365 is probably your ideal choice.

The cloud organization option comes in 2 offerings. If you would certainly be the just one making use of the apps and also cloud services, the "Microsoft 365 Personal" plan is for you. It expenses $70 a year (or $7/month), and also it offers you access to every the apps, alongside 1TB of OneDrive storage.

On the other hand, if you arrangement to re-superstructure the subscription with family or friends, the "Microsoft 365 Family" plan is the alternative for you. It prices $100 per year ($10/month), you have the right to share (using the "Services & subscriptions" tab in her Microsoft account online) the benefits v up come six household members and friends, and also everyone it s okay their very own 1TB the OneDrive storage. Also, they can accessibility the services on as much as five devices at the very same time.

Whatever arrangement you select, you will certainly have access to the added services, consisting of the Microsoft family Safety suffer to control screen time, app, and also game usage, re-superstructure location, screen driving behavior for young drivers, and more.

Other premium features incorporate Microsoft Editor because that grammar checking, spelling, and also writing style using AI assistance and also other AI-based an innovative tools. Because that example, PowerPoint referents Coach help you exercise presentations, and Designer allows you to develop effective on slide presentations. Resume Assistant is a great tool to write the ideal resumes in Word v insights it is provided by Microsoft LinkedIn. Also, there"s Money in Excel come view, track, and organize household finances. Girlfriend will additionally receive an innovative content prefer icons, fonts, stock photos, and also premium templates for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

The subscription likewise unlocks the premium version of the Outlook website, which contains everything on the totally free version, to add 50GB of storage, gets rid of advertisements, and offers blog post encryption and intensified security. As a payment member, girlfriend will likewise get special offers from Microsoft partners.

Some services bundled with Microsoft 365 room also obtainable without a subscription using a Microsoft account, however you will only get limited functionalities that have the right to be unlocked just with a subscription.

When you select one that the subscriptions, you should acquire the yearly plan to save money, add to you execute not need to worry around payments for at least a year.

The agency also supplies the company at no extra price using a valid college email resolve if you are a college student or teacher. This arrangement lets you download Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams, and also other school tools because that free.

Windows 7 is no much longer supported, which way that you will must upgrade to windows 11 or at the very least you should upgrade to home windows 10 to download the apps.

What you should know about Office 2021

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Microsoft Office 2021 is the surname for the standalone variation of the suite the apps, and also it"s the providing that go not need a subscription. This method you very own the copy forever after ~ the one-time purchase.

The standalone variation of Office (also referred to as the "on-premises" or "perpetual" version) allows you to install and also update the apps top top one computer. However, you cannot upgrade to the following version. In various other words, girlfriend can continue to usage the apps for their lifecycle (usually 5 years) and also beyond (without updates). However, once you have to upgrade to another version in the future, girlfriend will have to purchase the product again.

Office 2021 comes v Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and also Outlook (only top top the company version), however it has only a restricted scope of features and also does not have actually the same benefits available with a Microsoft 365 subscription. Because that example, friend won"t uncover cloud and also AI-based functions or other services favor the premium variation of "" and 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage.

Who have to buy Office 2021?

The Microsoft Office 2021 bundle was designed because that commercial customers with volume licenses who are not prepared for cloud-based apps and have particular requirements to use the suite of apps on-premise. However, anyone that doesn"t like a subscription have the right to purchase this offering.

Anyone deserve to purchase Office 2021, yet this version has been draft for specific commercial customers.

If you room a residence user, this alternative makes sense just if you have the right to afford the upfront cost and also want a more traditional experience. That may also be a an excellent choice if you setup to usage the apps top top one computer, you carry out not need extr features, or are not all set for the Microsoft 365 subscription.

Although you are only purchasing one license for one windows 11, home windows 10, or macOS computer system with this product, friend can also install the apps on your phone, but with minimal functionalities.

Office 2021 comes in 3 flavors, including Office home & college student 2021, Office home & business 2021, and Office experienced 2021, and also they room usually priced at $150, $250, and also $440, respectively. Office house & college student 2021 comes with Word, Excel, and also PowerPoint, when Office residence & company 2021 contains Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Office professional 2021 comes through all the apps, consisting of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, and also Access.

Unlike vault versions, Office 2021 is just supported on home windows 11, home windows 10, or the three most recent execution of macOS. If you want to download Office on windows 8.1, girlfriend will need a Microsoft 365 subscription.

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Microsoft 365 vs. Office 2021: Which need to you buy?

The final decision comes under to exactly how much you need from the apps and other services. If you setup to stay with Office for many years, Microsoft 365 is hands-down your best option. The reason is that through the subscription, friend will obtain full accessibility to the apps and also benefits in ~ a low price of ownership.