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According to JetBlue, you have the right to buy a Blue plus fare for one complimentary checked bag and a Mint fare because that two totally free checked bags. Friend can likewise can get free checked baggage together JetBlue to add cardholder or with TrueBlue Mosaic status. Checked bags can not exceed 50 pounds in load or 62 inches in as whole dimensions.

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5 methods to get complimentary checked bags

Here’s exactly how to check your bags for free the next time you fly JetBlue:

1. Acquire a JetBlue credit card.

The airline has three credit transaction cards. 2 of them let you and also up to three companions top top the very same reservation examine one bag complimentary each.

2. Gain a credit transaction card that supplies travel credits

Some cards offer yearly travel statement credits you deserve to use to balance out baggage fees. You’ll frequently pay annual fees for these cards.

3. Purchase a Blue add to or Mint fare

Blue to add comes with one complimentary checked bag. Mint has two cost-free checked bags.

4. End up being a TrueBlue Mosaic member

JetBlue’s commitment program has an elite tier — Mosaic — that allows you check your very first and second bag totally free on every flight.

5. Get cost-free bags together a member of the military

If you’re an energetic US army member and also you’re traveling because that duty, you and also your dependents top top the same itinerary can each check five bags free. If she on active duty and also you’re traveling because that leisure, you and also your dependents ~ above the very same itinerary can each inspect two bags free.

How lot does it usually cost?

The adhering to rates space for bags in ~ 50 pounds and 62 customs in combined length, width and also height.

First confirm bagSecond checked bagEach added bag
Blue Basic$35$45$150
Blue PlusIncluded$45$150
Blue Extra$35$45$150

Data obtained September 2021. Values room subject to readjust and have to be used only together a general guide.

If your bag exceeds the height and weight limits, you’ll pay $150 each.

JetBlue credit transaction cards that get you cost-free checked bags

JetBlue has actually three credit transaction cards: the JetBlue Card, JetBlue to add Card and JetBlue business Card.

The JetBlue card — the entry-level product — no come with complimentary checked baggage. But with the various other two cards, you and also up to 3 companions on the exact same reservation can examine one bag free on each JetBlue flight. Use your map to purchase your fare.

The JetBlue service Card is an extremely similar. Yes sir a slight difference in rewards: because that the 2x-point tier, the bonus categories room restaurants and also office it is provided stores.

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Compare credit transaction cards that obtain you totally free checked bags

If girlfriend don’t want a JetBlue credit card, take into consideration a card the offers annual travel credits. Merely pay for her JetBlue package fees, and also you’ll later receive a statement credit transaction for the charges.