Craigslist is a divide ads website, operation in end 70 countries. Beginning life as an occasions email list in 1995, the website now has actually over 20 billion page views, and 80 million brand-new advertisements every month. While that covers everything from nature to rent and gigs come attend, Craigslist is additionally a an excellent place because that employers to tempt candidates and post tasks for free.This accuse will provide step-by-step indict on just how to write-up jobs top top Craigslist.

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Posting a job to Craigslist is totally free for most employers; selected areas charge a fee between $7-75. With a paid posting account you additionally get the benefit of:

Tools for regulating your postMulti-user access for a single accountPre-purchased Craigslist task postingsInvoicing and online payment

Get in touch v Craigslist to find out if you’ll should pay to article a job advertisement in your area.

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Post a job

How come post complimentary or paid project listings on Craigslist:

Setting up an account with Craigslist

If you’re posting a totally free job on Craigslist, you deserve to jump best in; yes no need to collection up an account. If you’d favor the choice to conserve your drafts, edit, delete or re-advertise a totally free job post, climate an account will be useful. Setup up your totally free account is easy, simply go into your email deal with and a password, and verify your email address.

Read why savvy recruiters use totally free job posting sites.

To apply for a paid posting account through Craigslist, you’ll require a basic cost-free account first. Finish the digital application type and as soon as your account has been approved, a member of the Craigslist audit staff will take payment because that paid postings in ~ 1-7 service days. You can pay for articles with a credit card, by post or with a check.

How to write-up a project on Craigslist for free:

1. Choose the right location

Craigslist is a worldwide network. Prior to you begin, make certain your place is correct; you’ll find it at the optimal right that the page. To adjust it, pick a brand-new location indigenous the brochure of Craigslist sites.

Once your place is correct, choose ‘post to classifieds’ in the height left corner of the house page.

2. Pick the job’s category

On the following screen, pick ‘job offered’. Then choose the job’s category from the list e.g. ‘accounting/finance’.

3. Start building your task ad

Next, go into the task title, particular location and job description. Require some assist with the descriptions? try the job description library because that a considerable list the job summary templates.

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4. Add contact details for applicants

Next—assuming you’re not utilizing recruiting software to monitor applicants (see below)—enter your email address. You’ll watch the alternative to display your real address, or to use the Craigslist letter relay. Letter relay will protect your email deal with from spam by creating an intermediate email resolve based on arbitrarily numbers and letters. Any candidate responses room then delivered to that attend to and forwarded on come your own email account. It’s recommended to defend your email deal with on greatly trafficked web page such as this, and also so mail relay is one easy, for sure option.

5. Complete your ad with valuable information

Tick any relevant details about telecommuting or contract form and select ‘continue’ at the bottom the the screen. Add any images you should your Craigslist job posting and also select ‘done with images’ or relocate straight on to review and publish your job listing ~ above Craigslist.

Note: your advertisement may take approximately half an hour to appear on Craigslist.

Managing applications native Craigslist

When you write-up a project for cost-free on Craigslist, you’ll usually receive applications via email, possibly using the Craigslist letter relay to protect your account from spam. This method that you’ll must keep on height of her inbox over the adhering to weeks. Your email will certainly be used to control day come day communications along with reviewing and also replying to candidates, forwarding applications to members of your team and keeping tracking of feedback… and also that’s before you’ve started to schedule call or interviews.

An Applicant Tracking device like will certainly help. is recruiting software, used by groups to aid streamline their recruiting; instead of separation, personal, instance applications arriving from Craigslist by email, instantly gathers applications into a search candidate database. Every candidate have the right to be screened via a candidate profile and other members of her team can add comments.

Recruiting software application will aid to centralize your hiring activity. In brief, it’s used to:

Using withCraigslist

If you’re utilizing come gather her candidates indigenous Craigslist, you deserve to still keep your candidates in her pipeline because that review. As soon as you’ve used to write-up the task to your chosen complimentary job sites or bought any added premium posts, you’ll view the job mailbox on the Your Network step:

Screenshot via

The job mailbox is an email attend to created especially for the position. Candidates have the right to email resumes to the job mailbox in complying with formats: .pdf, .rtf, .odt, .doc & .docx.

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Simply copy and paste the job mailbox resolve into her job summary on Craigslist.’s ATS will certainly extract the information from the resumes to create profiles that will certainly be included to the “applied” stage of your pipeline.