What is Adblock Plus

Adblock add to is a free extension that enables you come customize your web experience. You deserve to block stroked nerves ads, disable tracking and lots more. It’s easily accessible for every major desktop computer browsers and also for her mobile devices.

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Adblock add to is an open resource project license is granted under GPLv3 and subject come its regards to Use.

How walk Adblock add to work?

choose what you want to see when browsing the web by using filter lists to block unwanted elements, prefer ads or tracking.

What room filter lists?

Filter lists are sets of rules that tell your web browser which facets to block. You deserve to block as little or as lot as girlfriend want. Choose from pre-made, externally preserved filter lists, or create your own (English only). Nearly all pre-made filter lists space created, published and also maintained by users for customers under open resource licenses.

Many ads have tracking developed in and also some may also contain malware. Because of this, Adblock to add provides details levels of tracking and malware security by default. If you want, you can add additional tracking and malware filter perform to boost your protection.

Default filter lists

The following filter list are enabled by default as soon as you download Adblock Plus:

Blacklisted Ads

A filter list the blocks ads (e.g. EasyList) based on your browser’s language settings.

eyeo GmbH is not regarded the EasyList project and also therefore has no ideal to, or control over, its filter list content. Visit the EasyList neighborhood for an ext information.

Acceptable Ads

A function that support a far better web by permitting nonintrusive, respectful ads that comply v the agree Ads criteria agreed upon by the agree Ads Committee.

This list is open up source. Desire to block all ads? No problem. Click here to learn how.

this filter perform are permitted to gain you started. You have the right to keep them, modify them, remove them and also / or add other filter list - it’s as much as you.


Does Adblock plus collect any kind of user data?

We execute not particularly collect any user data. Most of her data (e.g. What websites friend visit) is never ever sent to our servers to start with. Please view our Privacy plan for more details.

How is Adblock plus financed?

our main source of revenue comes as part of the acceptable Ads initiative, which is regulated by an elevation committee.

Implementing the agree Ads criteria is part of eyeo’s (the company behind Adblock Plus) attempt to pursue a different vision of online advertising. That requires far-reaching effort top top eyeo’s side including, yet not limited to, continuous review and also monitoring of the individual whitelisted ads, advising participants, and providing technical support. These solutions cannot it is in done together a hobby, or completely taken end by volunteers.

because of this we only charge big entities a license fee so that we can offer the very same whitelisting services to everyone and maintain our resources to construct the finest software for our users.

NOTE: roughly 90 percent that licenses room granted for free to smaller sized entities.

we qualify an entity as large when the gains more than 10 million additional advertisement impressions every month as result of participation in the acceptable Ads initiative. Because that a huge entity, our licensing fee normally represents 30 percent that the added revenue developed by whitelisting its agree Ads.

Every entity on the whitelist - payment participant or non-paying participant - MUST preserve the same strict criteria the our users embraced as part of the agree Ads initiative. Us will never accept any advertisement that doesn't satisfy the criteria, and there is no method to purchase a point out on the acceptable Ads list. Every whitelisted ads and participating entities space publicly listed on our forum. Feel totally free to discuss and also share her opinions.

About acceptable Ads

NOTE: us don't think all ads room bad and recognize the ads finance numerous websites. That’s why we believe that partial ad blocking is better than full advertisement blocking.

ago in 2011, after ~ discussions v Adblock add to users and our ar at large, we began implementing the agree Ads initiative. The initiative outlines strictly criteria that determine nonintrusive ads. Thanks to the initiative, Adblock to add users have actually the option to display screen certified ads that are part of the agree Ads initiative or to disable the feature and browse totally free of stroked nerves ads.

because 2017, the agree Ads initiative is administrate by an independent committee that desires to make proclaiming better. To learn more, visit AcceptableAds.com. To view the list of acceptable Ads, visit the agree Ads propose forum.

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Advertisers and publishers that desire to adhere to the agree Ads criteria can use to be added to the agree Ads whitelist. Only large entities that gain an ext than 10 million additional advertisement impressions v their participation are compelled to salary a monthly fee. For more information, read around how we space financed.