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While many hospitals need an IV during labor, regimen intravenous lines may not constantly be necessary. Here"s why they could be placed.
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In part hospitals, it"s program to give all females intravenous currently (an IV) during labor, yet other hospitals might not offer moms-to-be one IV uneven the need materializes. Here"s what you should know about IVs, to add what to execute if you"d prefer not to have actually one during your labor.

What is an IV?

An IV is a functional catheter put in her vein (usually in her hand or lower arm) come drip in fluids and also medication.

Why room IVs placed during labor?

The rationale behind an IV throughout labor? It"s a precaution — to protect against dehydration (especially vital if drinking isn"t allowed during labor), and to conserve a step after that should an emergency to happen that would certainly necessitate medication (there"s already a heat in place to carry out the crucial drugs — no extra poking or prodding required).

However, other practitioners may prefer to wait to view if there is a require for an IV — and also oftentimes that require never materializes.

When space IVs necessary throughout labor?

One time that need does happen is if friend opt to obtain an epidural. IV fluids are frequently administered before the placement of an epidural to mitigate the opportunity of a fall in blood pressure — a very common side impact of this pain relief route. The IV also enables for easier administration of Pitocin if there"s a need for job augmentation, together is occasionally the situation following one epidural.

Although some people associate an IV v an unstable reminder of illness— which childbirth certainly is not— that might help to think about it a tiny intervention in maintaining you and your baby safe throughout labor.

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Are there choices to IVs during labor?

In a hospital setting, one IV is commonly recommended, also for women choosing an unmedicated birth. However, ask your practitioner if they deserve to make any kind of accomodations for you, together as no to tether you to the bed or a rolling IV pole.
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