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When ns pray its prefer I"m just having a conversation through God, i don"t have to go down to my knees, many of the time I"m just sitting on mine bed and also talk and also tell God what"s been going on. Am ns praying wrong or is that OK? Is there a specific means that civilization are mean to pray?


Nope no knees forced just talk with him prefer you would your closestly friend. However if you regulate to learn to pray if standing upside on your hands then I would be impressed
No you perform not need to pray on her knees, and also the holy bible shows different examples that how people have prayed to God. Part on their knees, part sitting, some standing and also having your arms spread up into the air, and also some simply walking along transporting on a conversation. There is no written preeminence on how you need to have your body as soon as praying, but the bible does give examples on exactly how to pray by her words. Together there is nowhere in the holy bible that states you need to know every sin by name you perform to questioning forgiveness that them as Jesus and David both present that a basic sincere prayer that forgiveness is enough.

I usually discover a fairly place, generally down at my pond, and also sit over there awhile just carrying ~ above a normal conversation through God just like I would if He to be standing there challenge to face with me.I ask the to always lead me in the truth and also understanding in His word, and to speak top top my behalf if ns am shed for words.I continually ask for His guidance and also to look at after the needs and also health the others, and to assist me to carry out for rather in His name.

I usually discover a rather place, generally down at my pond, and also sit over there awhile simply carrying top top a typical conversation with God as with I would if He to be standing there confront to challenge with me.I ask the to always lead me in the truth and understanding in His word, and also to speak top top my behalf if i am lost for words.I constantly ask because that His guidance and to look at after the needs and health of others, and also to help me to administer for rather in His name.
Yes, even though we room to pray always I agree the is also important to collection aside time to it is in alone and away indigenous distractions.
When ns pray its prefer I"m just having a conversation with God, i don"t necessarily go down to mine knees, most of the time I"m simply sitting on my bed and talk and also tell God what"s to be going on. Am ns praying not correct or is the OK? Is there a specific method that civilization are mean to pray?
amazing enough, Solomon starts his prayer was standing up and finishes it on his knees.Solomon’s Prayer the Dedication22 Then Solomon stood prior to the altar of the lord in the existence of every the assembly that Israel, and spread out his hands towards heaven;Solomon Blesses the Assembly54 And so the was, as soon as Solomon had actually finished praying every this prayer and supplication come the Lord, that he arose from before the altar that the Lord, from kneeling on his knees with his hands spread up come heaven.
I would be in huge trouble if I had actually to pray on mine knees. My knees room so damaged through RA and also OA, ns cannot be on them at all! but I understand God understands, and also I have actually been praying in various places for year - from my car, my garden, my bed, mine chair, and also even when I to be able come ride my bike.Prayer is so vital to us as Christians. It is the way we communicate with God, but more important, one of the means he speak to us. We have to pray to obtain to recognize his voice, to acquire to understand him better, and to be able to confess our sins, worship God for that he is, provide him thanks and also even questioning him for things, occasionally.

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I pray v my mental which is my heart and also i pray through my love which is mine mind, within within. That hears.
((tries to imagine praying "without ceasing" on mine knees. . .))i believe it"s essential both to be in somewhat continuous prayer in your mind and also heart together we go v the day, and likewise to dedicate time particularly to prayer. The examples we have of Christ praying in the scripture room not at all times ~ above His knees - or even with His head bowed. On virtually every occasion where it is taped of him praying, the went turn off by himself to pray, the exemption being speak a blessing over food (Matthew 14:19) - and here, the lifted His eyes up towards heaven.He taught us to pray in secret; to get in a room and close the door behind us. The went turn off by self to pray regularly, and even in the garden, the walked turn off away from the practical worker He lugged with Him. Ns think that"s pretty significant - i simply finished a 4 month course on prayer v my residence group, and Matthew 6 was not mentioned at all, and also the focus was mainly on publicly praying and also forming "prayer partner" relationships through others. I think that"s far-reaching too. You deserve to be sure i discussed that in my group, lol. Yet i"m straying native the topic . . If girlfriend feel caused pray on your knees, execute it. Placed your face to the dust if you feel you require to. But don"t do it as a issue of food - there is no "rule" to do this, and also when Christ taught united state to pray (Matthew 6) - the didn"t cite it. We should however constantly humble oneself in prayer, even as we room bold in comes to Him, and also if this helps you, by every means, don"t avoid yourself. Simply don"t problem that it"s sinful not to