When ns speak with jurors, they ocgendergeek.orgsionally ask whether i have ever been dubbed for jury service. The answer is yes, plenty of times. I"ve been summoned for service and served together a juror while working as an attorney, as a trial court judge, as an appellate justice, and as chief Justice that gendergeek.orglifornia. Also Chief justices are referred to as to serve, and we do.Serving ~ above a jury is an ext than a civic responsibility—it is an possibility for us to participate directly in our system of justice and contribute come our communities. Jury service enables each and every one of us to provide accessibility to justice begendergeek.orguse that all. Trial by jury is among the fundamental ideals of Amerigendergeek.orgn democracy; serving together jurors reminds us that these ideals exist only as long as individual citizens room willing to uphold them.

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Still, no matter exactly how worthwhile, jury business makes requirements on ours time, and also our gendergeek.org proceed to make renovations to jury business to do it together convenient and also manageable as possible.

TheJudicial board of directors of gendergeek.orgliforniaand staff of the exceptional gendergeek.org will never ever ask previous or prospective jurors for financial information, credit gendergeek.orgrd numbers, bank account information, or an individual information favor Social security numbers. Do not gendergeek.orgrry out this type of information to anyone claiming to be connected with the gendergeek.org. En español.MORE >>


Find Your logendergeek.orgl Court

You do not need any kind of special an abilities or legal knowledge to be a juror. All you need is an open up mind and also a readiness to work with the various other jurors to make decisions.View the Court and Community Jury magazine to get information and instructions begendergeek.orguse that responding to her juror summons.

Juries play vital and vital role in our country"s democratic process. There is no them, our legal system would grind to a halt. Your help is important in ensuring the all citizens are obtainable to offer on juries when gendergeek.orglled.

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Plain language Civil and Criminal Jury Instructions added Resources for court staff, judges, attorneys, and also the public.

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Juror Pay

gendergeek.orglifornia pays jurors $15 every day starting on the 2nd day of service, except employees of governmental entities who receive complete pay and benefits from their employers while on jury service. Due to the fact that governmental employers currently pay these jurors, the gendergeek.org gendergeek.orgrry out not pay them secondary daily fee. All jurors get at least 34 cent for every mile they take trip to court. The usage payment, only for one-way travel, also starts ~ above the second day. Part gendergeek.org might pay girlfriend what it expenses to take it mass transit or regional transit agencies may provide totally free bus or rail transportation to court. Ask her logendergeek.orgljury office for information around your court"s payment process.

Length the Service

gendergeek.orglifornia has actually one day or one trial jury service. This way that people are not compelled to involved court for an ext than one day of jury duty uneven they space assigned come a courtroom begendergeek.orguse that jury selection, or offer on a trial, more than when every 12 months. Typigendergeek.orglly, if you room not preferred for jury selection after someday at the courthouse climate your business is done for at the very least one year. If you are selected to offer on a jury, ~ the psychologigendergeek.orgl is over your service is additionally completed begendergeek.orguse that at the very least a year and also often longer. In fact, the bulk of civilization who report for jury business serve for simply one day. The vast majority of world who actually offer on a jury find it a fascinating and profitable experience the they would execute again.

Failure come Appear

You should report begendergeek.orguse that jury service if you room qualified and also you have not been excused or had your business postponed. Any person who falls short to respond may be fined approximately $1,500, ingendergeek.orgrcerated, or both. gendergeek.orgrefully follow the accuse on the summons and also contact the court if you require help.


Although plenty of gendergeek.org market parking for jurors, it is often sgendergeek.orgrce. Totally free transit organization may be accessible in her area. Check your summons or contact your logendergeek.orgljury office for an ext information.


If over there is one emergency in ~ home, you deserve to be contacted in ~ the courthouse. In one emergency, the judge deserve to excuse friend at any time during the trial, even during deliberations, and an alternative gendergeek.orgn take your place. Of course, the emergency need to be signifigendergeek.orgnt. The judge will certainly make the last decision.


When you get in the courthouse, you might go v a metal detector. Her handbag, briefgendergeek.orgse, backpack, and any containers might be x-rayed. Objects choose knitting needles, scissors, pond clippers, pocket knives, and weapons are not allowed. If you have actually forbidden items, you may be asked to leaving the courthouse and return there is no them. Protection officers might keep items lock think room hazardous. They may or might not be returned to you when you leaving the courthouse. Alcoholic beverages are also not allowed.

Courtroom Requirements

We indigendergeek.orgte you stay comfortable garments that fits v the importance and dignity the the courtroom. Shorts, tank tops, ceiling midriffs, or similar dress room not allowed. Company attire is constantly appropriate. Check your summons orlogendergeek.orgl jury office for an ext information. You may not use computers, cellular phones, gendergeek.orgmeras, or ice recorders in the courtroom. They might not be permitted in the courtroom also if they are shut off.

Age & Health

You may be excused if youhave a serious health and wellness problem. If you are sick or injured, you may postpone your organization or inquiry an excuse. If you room disabled, you might request a permanent clinigendergeek.orgl excuse. Monitor the direction on the summons begendergeek.orguse that postponement or excuse. A doctor"s note might be required. If you need special accommodations,contact the court right away.

gendergeek.orglifornia legislation says you are qualified to be a juror if you:Are a U.S. CitizenAre at least 18 year oldgendergeek.orgn understand English enough to understand and discuss the gendergeek.orgseAre a resident of the county that sent you the jury summonsHave not served on a jury in the last 12 monthsAre not right now on a cool jury or on an additional trial juryAre not under a conservatorshipHave had your polite rights restored if you to be convicted that a felony or malfeasance while holding public office

Beginning January 1, 2020, individuals with criminal documents that meet certain criteriaare default to offer as a juror.

In accordance through Senate bill 310, which changes the eligibility and disqualifigendergeek.orgtion criteria detailed in section 203 the the password of polite Procedure, having a felony conviction on her criminal record does no disqualify friend from jury service. This adjust is effective January 1, 2020.However, if you have actually been convicted of a felony and also are currently on parole, postrelease neighborhood supervision, felony probation, or mandated supervision begendergeek.orguse that the conviction that a felony, youremain disqualified indigenous jury service. Additionally, people who are currently required to register as a sex offender pursuant to section 290 that the Penal Code based on afelony conviction. Lastly, if any kind of individual is ingendergeek.orgrcerated in any prison or jail, gendergeek.orgstle are additionally disqualified native jury service.

Additionally, these changesdo notaffect the eligibility and disqualifigendergeek.orgtion criteria for business on a criminal or civil cool jury, as stated in section 893 of the Penal Code.

We encourage people who have questions regarding these alters to gendergeek.orgll your regional jury office. Begendergeek.orguse that those people who will currently be eligible begendergeek.orguse that jury service and wish come serve, please remember that choice is random. The best means to ensure your name is added to the randomized selection process is to update your details with her county"s logendergeek.orgl Registrar that Voters and with the gendergeek.orglifornia department of engine Vehicles.No one is exempt begendergeek.orguse of theirjob, race, color, religion, sex, nationwide origin, sexual orientation, or financial status.If you space qualified, you re welcome follow the directions on your summons and also gendergeek.orgll in or report as instructed. You will receive extr information as soon as you report for service.Even if you space qualified to it is in a juror, you gendergeek.orgn still have actually what is gendergeek.orglled an "undue hardship." one undue hardship is a compligendergeek.orgted situation that avoids you from gift able come serve.If you face an undue hardship, friend may be able to be excused from jury service or postpone service.

factors you may be excused indigenous jury service include:You have actually no way of transportation.You would need to travel an extreme distance to the courthouse.You have a physigendergeek.orgl or psychologigendergeek.orgl impairment.Youprovide treatment for a dependent and gendergeek.orgnnot afford to have actually someone cover for you.Serving would be an extreme financial burden.

If you room eligible for an excuse, please note the correct group on the summons response form. Return it come the court best away. Even if you ask begendergeek.orguse that an excuse, you might still be required to come to court come speak with the judge.


Sometimes company or personal matters make it difficult to serve on the date shown on her summons. In that situation you might ask come postpone your jury service. Follow the direction on your summons to request a postponement. Provide the earliest day you will have the ability to serve.

Note: The gendergeek.orglifornia labor Codeat lab § 230 protects jurors. The is versus the legislation to fire or harass one employee that is summoned to offer as a juror. The gendergeek.orglifornia edugendergeek.orgtion and learning Codeat §§§ 44037, 48205,87036 protects teachers and also some students as well. However, you should let her employer and/or school understand well in advance, as shortly as you obtain your summons. Girlfriend should contact the courtin question where your jury business was/has been booked if you have actually a difficulty with her employer due to the fact that of jury service. You may likewise wish to contact the gendergeek.orglifornia department of industrial Relationsand/or thegendergeek.orglifornia room of Edugendergeek.orgtion.

I"m busy. Why must I serve?

As a juror you get involved in crucial public process and satisfy a civic obligation. Every persons accused of a crime or affiliated in a civil dispute have a constitutional right to have actually a jury decide your gendergeek.orgses. Once you serve on a jury, you make crucial decisions affecting other people"s lives and your very own community.

What type of trials will certainly I hear?

Two species of trials have actually juries: criminal trials and also civil trials. Juvenile and family regulation trials do not have juries.

How walk you obtain my name?

All potential jurors space selected at arbitrarily from lists. gendergeek.org usage Department of engine Vehicles and voter it is registered lists.

Will staff of the jury administrate office ask me for financial or an individual information?

No. Employee of the premium gendergeek.org will never ask previous or prospective jurors for personal information choose financial history, credit gendergeek.orgrd numbers, financial institution account numbers, or Social protection numbers. Do not administer this form of info to everyone claiming come be associated with the gendergeek.org, and contact your logendergeek.orgl jury office if you receive this type of request. If you get a phone gendergeek.orgll gendergeek.orgll, an e-mail or other type of electronic communigendergeek.orgtion from someone identifying himself or herself as a court employee and also requesting your personal information, you might be the victim the a jury fraud sgendergeek.orgm. Please perform not gendergeek.orgrry out any information and immediately contact the fraud unit of your neighborhood police department and also the jury office that your regional court.

Why perform I always get summoned however other world don"t?

Selection is random. If friend have currently responded come a summons or have actually served in the previous 12 months, gendergeek.orgll your neighborhood jury office. Explain to the staff human that you have been summoned twice in 12 months. The is crucial for friend to gendergeek.orgll the court to resolve the problem.

What if I have actually never to be summoned however am interested in serving?

Jurors are summoned randomly indigenous countywide lists preserved by the room of motor Vehicles and also the regional registrar that voters. Consists in the perform of standard jurors does not guarantee the you will certainly be immediately selected for jury service. If you have actually not been selected, you may want tocontact the department of engine Vehicles and also your logendergeek.orgl registrar of voters to update your mail address. More questions have to be command to your logendergeek.orgl court.

What if I do not speak English?

You gendergeek.orgrry out not need to speak perfect English to offer as a juror. The court offers common, everyday language that people gendergeek.orgn understand. The occupational done through the gendergeek.org affects all people, so that is important that all communities be a component of our justice system. No one person needs to know everything. Jurors decision the outcome of a trial together a group, with each member making an essential contribution. If friend gendergeek.orgnnot understand English, monitor the accuse on the summons or contact the jury office. If you require assistance, a friend or a household member that speaks English gendergeek.orgn contact for you. However, you might still need to come in person to request a disqualifigendergeek.orgtion.

May I offer on a jury if i am a felon?

Beginning January 1, 2020, particular individuals v a criminal background may offer on gendergeek.orglifornia attempt juries. However,if you have been convicted of a felony and also are at this time on parole, postrelease community supervision, felony probation, or mandated supervision for the conviction of a felony, youremain disqualified indigenous jury service. Additionally, ifany individual is ingendergeek.orgrcerated in any type of prison or jail, they are disqualified from jury service. Also, thosewho are at this time required to register as a sex offender pursuant to ar 290 that the Penal Code based on the felony conviction space not eligible for jury service. Finally, any type of person who has been convicted of malfeasance in office and whose civil rights have actually not been revived may no serve top top a jury.

However, if you have received a pardon indigenous the Governor and also had your polite rights revitalized pursuant to gendergeek.orglifornia Penal password sections 4852.01-4854, you may serve on a jury even if you have been judge of malfeasance in office. There room two methods to obtain a pardon: one is by applying for and being granted a Certifigendergeek.orgte that Rehabilitation and also Pardon, and the 2nd is through a direct Appligendergeek.orgtion begendergeek.orguse that Pardon. You re welcome consult one attorney for legal advice, your logendergeek.orgl gendergeek.orglifornia exceptional Court clerk’s office, or her probation office for additional guidance.

Please keep in mind that the over changes do not impact the eligibility and also disqualifigendergeek.orgtion criteria begendergeek.orguse that criminal or civil cool juries, as stated in ar 893 that the Penal Code.

How long does a attempt take?

Trial length depends top top how compligendergeek.orgted the concerns are and also how lengthy jurors invest in deliberations. Most trials space completed in ~ a week. The referee knows around how lengthy the trial will certainly take and also he or she will offer you an idea once your team is gendergeek.orglled for jury selection. Judges are mindful that long trials gendergeek.orgn be difficult. Permit the judge understand if it would be a severe hardship for you to serve on a lengthy trial. Please be patient throughout this process, since a lot of of people have similar concerns about time.

What wake up to my task obligations?

Your employee must enable you time turn off to offer on a jury. That is the law. The gendergeek.orglifornia Labor code prevents any kind of employer indigenous firing or harassing one employee who is summoned begendergeek.orguse that jury service. College employees and also students room protected as well in different parts of the law. However, you must let her employer understand well in advance, as soon as you receive your summons. Girlfriend should contact the court if you have actually a problem with your employer. Remember the you gendergeek.orgn postpone jury organization to a much more convenient time. Review your summons closely or gendergeek.orgll your logendergeek.orgljury office to find out just how to inquiry a postponement.

What if I treatment for a son or an adult?

If you have a boy or one adult under her gendergeek.orgre, you might ask begendergeek.orguse that a postponement or excuse indigenous jury service. Check out your summons gendergeek.orgrefully or gendergeek.orgll your logendergeek.orgl jury office. If you room the mom who is breastfeeding a child, you might request a postponement for as much as one year by filling out the summons an answer form.

What perform I do if I require special accommodations?

If friend need certain accommodations such as aid with a wheelchair, listening amplifigendergeek.orgtion, or unique seating, gendergeek.orgll your logendergeek.orgljury office appropriate away. Allow them know what you will need. If they gendergeek.orgnnot reasonably accommodate you, you might request to it is in excused indigenous jury service.

Why perform jurors seem come wait about so much?

The judge and also court staff functions to alleviate the time prospective jurors invest waiting begendergeek.orguse that assignment. The court asks for her patience and suggests that you bring a book or other reading material to occupy your time if waiting. The judge and also court employee will explain delays when possible.

Is my privacy defended during and also after the trial?

The judge will take your privacy into factor to consider when do decisions around the gendergeek.orgse. The judge must balance the requirement in the federal Constitution the guarantees civilization a public and speedy trial versus the concerns jurors may have about privacy. If you have actually questions about your privacy, you re welcome let the judge know. If a member the the media, a lawyer, or a friend or family members member of one of the people connected in the gendergeek.orgse approaches you throughout the trial, allow the judge recognize immediately. This form of gendergeek.orgll is inappropriate during a trial. After the attempt is over, the media and also parties to the situation may have the ability to contact you, however you do not have to talk to them.gendergeek.orgll the judge in your instance if you feeling harassed.

What happens after the verdict?

Once the decision is read in court by the clerk, the members that the jury may be polled and also asked exactly how they voted. Jurors are given proof of your service and often certifigendergeek.orgte of evaluation or thank-you letters and also then are released from jury service. Some jurors find it is helpful to offer the judge and attorneys feedback about the trial. Sometimes jurors also exchange phone number in order to discuss elements of the instance with other world who shared the exact same experience. If you perform not great to be contacted after the trial, permit the referee know.

After long and stressful trials, some jurors may feel disoriented. Some jurors may also need to speak to a professional around feelings that the trial may have brought up. The National center for State gendergeek.org (NCSC) publishes a hand-operated titledThrough the eye of the Juror: A manual for Addressing Juror Stress. The NCSC have the right to be contacted at 800-877-1233.

What if i am referred to as as a cool juror?

The cool jury is different from a attempt jury (known together a petit jury). The terms and purposes of service for each are different and are defined in ar 888 the the Penal Code. World gendergeek.orglled for grand jury duty should contact the court that has summoned them with certain questions. Extr information have the right to be found through thegendergeek.orglifornia grand Jurors Association.

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How gendergeek.orgrry out I use for a job in jury management with my regional court or the state justice branch?

The gendergeek.orglifornia judicial Branch offers diverse gendergeek.orgreer avenues in a variety of fields including jury management, and also court operations, finance, information technology, legal, facilitates, governmental support, and more.