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Every airline has its own fees and policies on baggage. While some airlines enable you to examine multiple bags because that free, some will charge you just to bring a carry-on. It’s important to familiarize yourself with these plans so the you don’t incur unforeseen fees.

Today, we’re going come dive into whatever you have to know about flying v carry-on bags, checked bags and special item on United.

As you’re going to see, the fees vary based on the cabin you’re flying, the type of ticket friend book, the destination and more. Fortunately, over there are methods to protect against paying this fees altogether.

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United carry-on package fees

All joined customers are permitted to lug one totally free personal item onboard. An individual items should fit underneath the chair in prior of you. These items may include purses, briefcases, tiny backpacks or various other items that are no larger than 9 x 10 x 17 inches.

Everyone other than for simple economy passenger is also enabled to carry one carry-on bag. This would certainly be your much more conventional carry-on that would go in the overhead bin. Carry-on bags must fall within the maximum dimensions of 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches. If you’re a basic economy passenger and bring a carry-on come the gate, you’ll pay a $25 gate company fee every item to add the applicable checked bag fee.

The one exemption to this rule is top top trans-Atlantic flights activate by United and also United Express. On these flights, the carry-on baggage pin money for an easy economy passenger is the exact same for standard economic situation tickets. This means you can lug both a an individual item and also standard carry-on bag.

United MileagePlus Premier members, Star Alliance Gold and also the major cardmember that a qualifying MileagePlus credit card, may always bring both a carry-on and also a an individual item onboard — even on a simple economy ticket.

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United checked bag fees

United’s confirm baggage fees vary by destination and also ticket type. Additionally, fees may now vary based upon whether friend prepay your bag fees virtual or not.

Rather than publish a collection of charts with various regions and corresponding bag fees, the carrier has two methods to inspect how much you’ll should pay. First, head to United’s checked baggage page. Indigenous there, you can either log in in to her MileagePlus account, go into your flight confirmation or click the “Any Flights” tab to find for the applicable fees based upon your origin and destination and also class that service. United likewise usually perform applicable package fees in ~ the bottom of her reservation page.

United’s package calculator provides it basic for girlfriend to view what fees you’ll incur top top your following flight. (Photo courtesy that United)

Generally, when flying economy course within north America and buying checked bags digital at the very least 24 hours before departure, you’ll salary $30 because that your an initial bag and $40 because that your 2nd bag. In ~ the airport, the price goes as much as $35 for the an initial bag and also $45 for the second. Once traveling to Mexico, the 2nd bag costs $55.

Premium economic situation (Premium Plus), business and first-class passenger can examine up to 2 bags in ~ no charge. The weight limit is 50 pounds every bag in premium economy and 70 pounds every bag in company and very first class.

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Standard economy course passengers traveling to Europe, India or the Middle eastern are permitted to check one bag at no charge, through the second bag costing $100. However, an easy economy passengers should pay $70 for their an initial bag.

When travel to southern America, coach passengers constantly get their an initial bag free, with the second costing $40 to $65.

All passengers travel to Asia and also the southern Pacific are permitted to examine up to 2 bags at no charge, nevertheless of cabin.

Active U.S. Army personnel and their dependents room always permitted to examine 2-5 bags approximately 70 or 100 lbs complimentary of charge, relying on the expedition type. Dependents have to travel top top the same reservation together the active U.S. Army personnel unless the travel is because of official orders.

Overweight and oversized baggage fees

As through checked package fees, load allowances and overweight fees differ by destination.

Your bag is typically enabled to weigh as much as 50 pounds in economy and premium economy prior to incurring overweight fees. However, business and also first-class passengers room usually allowed to lug bags of approximately 70 pounds.

Overweight bags weighing between 51- 70 pounds frequently cost $100-$400 extra, while those as much as 100 pounds cost $200-$600 extra. You’re not permitted to inspect a bag weighing an ext than 100 pounds unless it’s a musical instrument or assistive device, in which case the limit is 165 pounds.

Bags from 63 to 115 direct inches are thought about oversized. Oversized bags cost an additional $200 come $400.

Sports tools is subject to conventional fees because that oversized and also overweight bags. To learn about traveling through sports equipment on United, visit this guide.

Excess package fees

Generally, your 3rd bag and over is taken into consideration excess baggage. The fee because that excess baggage arrays from $150 come $500.

Do note, however, that some destinations, such as Auckland (AKL), Sydney (SYD) and Rio de Janeiro (GIG), have limits for oversized, overweight and also extra confirm bags. Some limits are year-round, if some are seasonal. As soon as there are limits for confirm bags, you’re only allowed to examine one box rather of a bag. You’re additionally not enabled to check certain larger sports equipment, such together bicycles and surfboards when there are boundaries for checked bags. You’ll desire to describe United’s site for the recent embargo information.

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How to avoid checked baggage fees ~ above United

Elite status allowances

All 4 levels of standing in United’s MileagePlus elite routine offer checked bag benefits.

Premier silver members obtain a free very first checked bag (up come 50 pounds) because that themselves and up to nine travel companions.Premier gold members can examine two bags of approximately 70 pounds apiece once traveling in economic situation within or in between the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and also the U.S. Virgin Islands. For travel to and from choose international markets, they can check three bags of approximately 70 pounds apiece.Premier Platinum, Premier 1K and worldwide Services members can examine three bags of approximately 70 pounds apiece on all itineraries.

Additionally, Star Alliance yellow members constantly one to two totally free checked bags, depending on the itinerary.

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Credit cards

Perhaps the easiest method to avoid paying checked baggage fees is by delivering the best credit map (or traveling v someone v the appropriate card).

The United traveler Card and United service Card market a very first checked bag free for the main cardholder and one companion on the same reservation. Both of these cards have a sub-$100 yearly fee, so you can easily come the end ahead if friend incur in ~ least four checked baggage fees every year.

The joined Club infinite Card and United Club business Card offer a free an initial and 2nd checked bag for the main cardholder and one companion. These cards have yearly fees the $525 and also $450, respectively.

Just keep in mind that unlike other airline cards, you must purchase her ticket through the unified card to receive baggage benefits.

As previously mentioned, in enhancement to the checked baggage allowance, these cards also permit you to carry a carry-on bag when flying straightforward economy.

The details for the united Club company Card has actually been built up independently through The clues Guy. The card details on this page have actually not to be reviewed or detailed by the card issuer.

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Book a premium cabin

All joined premium cabin tickets — Premium Plus, business, Polaris and very first class — include at least two totally free checked bags. Business, Polaris and also first-class passengers are generally permitted to bring bags weighing as much as 70 pounds apiece. Meanwhile, Premium Plus passenger are limited to the usual 50-pound allowance.

If you plan on check multiple bags, it deserve to sometimes it is in cheaper to book or pay to upgrade to a premium cabin than paying for every the bags. Plus, you’ll reap all the other perks of flying in a premium cabin, such together a bigger seat and also free-flowing drinks.

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Use card travel credits to cover fees

Several take trip rewards cards come with annual statement credits towards travel purchases. Part cards sell a credit that can be used for assorted travel purchases, such as the chase Sapphire Reserve and also it’s $300 yearly travel credit. Many American refer cards, ~ above the other hand, prefer The Platinum Card® from American Express, offer yearly airline fees credits, which space specifically for non-ticket airline incidentals. So long as you choose United as your airline the choice, you should obtain your baggage fees reimbursed by the credit. Enrollment compelled for select benefits.

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Your airline fees credit will certainly cover confirm bag fees. (Photo by The clues Guy)

Bottom line

United’s carry-on and checked baggage plan vary based upon a variety of factors. Your finest bet would be to use the aforementioned baggage fees calculator come see specifically what you’ll need to pay ~ above a offered itinerary. Fortunately, there are numerous ways come get approximately paying baggage fees.