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Note: This perform is arranged alphabetically by varieties of words.

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Academic Department: usage lowercase except for ideal nouns or adjectives.

ex.: room of psychology, biologic department, department of English, the Spanish department.


ex.: Merit Scholarship, Pulitzer Prize; Renaissance, Prohibition; job Day, Halloween; the Boer War, civilization War II.

spiritual Writings/God/Religions:

ex.: Bible, Qur"an, publication of task (not underlined)

God, Allah. The rules around pronouns referring to the deity vary; some reference works state that "He" or "His" or "Thee" space capitalized whenever "God" is capitalized. Part writers always put the pronoun in reduced case. Examine with her professors about their requirements.

proper names of gods space capitalized: Krishna, Hera, Odin.

Brand names:

ex.: Buick, Nike, Microsoft. Small letter generic terms: a VW van.

Buildings/Rooms: Capitalize words "building" if it is an important part that the name.

ex.: the James Center, Chrysler Building, President"s Dining Room, Oval Office; wait room, doctor"s office, bank building.


ex.: U.S. Capitol and the Capitol (when referring to the building in Washington, D.C. Or to state capitols).


ex.: U.S. Congress and also Congress (referring to the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives). Small letter "congressional" uneven it is component of a appropriate name.

Constitution: Capitalize references to the U.S. Constitution, with or there is no the "U.S." location "constitutional" in lowercase. Declaration of Independence, invoice of Rights, first Amendment, and other legislation and also treaties room capitalized.

Directions/Regions: north, south, northeast, etc. When they show direction; North, South, West, etc. As soon as they suggest geographical regions. Paragraph such as the Mid Atlantic, Silicon Valley, Dixie, sunlight Belt, and Midwest space capitalized.

ex.: Ben drove southern to visit his uncle Bubba, who has actually a southern accent.

Earth: normally put in lowercase, but capitalize when used as a ideal name.

ex.: In his garden, he took pleasure in the emotion of earth between his fingers.

"You earth creatures do me VERY angry, " the Martian shouted as he pulled out his disintegrator.

Government: Capitalize city, state, federal, courthouse, legislature, assembly, and other similar words when used in a official name.

ex.: Henrico County, the nationwide Aeronautics and room Administration, gendergeek.org City Council, Virginia basic Assembly. Additionally "City Council" or "General Assembly" when writing about a particular governmental body.

Highways & Roads:

ex.: U.S. Highway 1, U.S. Path 66, Virginia route 6, federal government 95, Pennsylvania Turnpike, rock Creek Parkway.

Nationalities/Race: Capitalize the proper names of nationalities, races, tribes, etc.: French, Caucasian, Mataponi, Zulu. However, small letter black, white.

Political Parties: Capitalize the name of a politics party and also the native "party." use lower instance for a general political philosophy.

ex.: Democrat, Republican, German Social democratic Party. Fred"s parents were staunch Republicans; at their urging he joined the Party.

Proper nouns: Capitalize them other than when they are offered alone later in the paragraph.

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ex.: us went fishing ~ above the James River. Later, our family joined us at the river.

Satan: Capitalize Satan, but lowercase "devil" and also "satanic."

Titles: Capitalize titles, including scholastic rank and also honorific titles, once used before a name. Small letter titles provided after a name, alone or in constructions that collection them turn off from a surname by commas. Use lowercase at all times for terms the are project descriptions and also not titles.

ex.: chairman Lincoln; Professor Smith; invoice Gates, chairman of Microsoft Inc.; the Honorable I.M. Juste; professor of history; farmer Brown; protection guard.

Do no Capitalize:

administration very first lady government presidential, presidency priest seasons of the year years in school