Apple reduced the cord ~ above the venerable headphone jack top top Wednesday— yet there room plenty of alternatives coming to change it.

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After months of rumors, to apologize officially removed the 3.5mm headphone jack top top the iphone 7. But don’t panic, to apologize is bundling EarPods with the iphone 7 the plug right into the Lightning Connector -- the exact same connector provided for charging the phone. The iphone phone 7 additionally comes come v an adapter that permits you to usage your old 3.5mm headphones.

But it is an interim solution. The real deal is coming later on this fall: the completely-wireless apple AirPods and bevy of new Beats wireless earphones and headphones.

The Apple-branded AirPods no only affix wirelessly but have no connecting wire in between the two ear buds. Siri -- Apple’s voice-driven digital assistant -- will manage the AirPods via a built-in microphone. And also a brand-new "W1" to apologize chipset eliminates the typical Bluetooth pairing process, connecting them instantly to the iphone 7 and Apple Watch series 2.

They will be obtainable in late October because that $159 and also include a charging case. Apple states they supply five hours in between charges.

Apple has also introduced a trio of brand-new wireless win headphones. Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones ($200), which space rated in ~ 12 hours of battery life, win Solo3 Headphones ($300), which room a much more traditional over-the-ear design and also are rated at 40 hours, and BeatsX Earphones ($150), which room rated in ~ 8 hours in between charges.

And the Apple save has already been supplying wireless headphones prior to the iphone phone 7 announcement.

Jaybird sells flexibility Wireless Bluetooth Headphones because that $200 at the apologize store, together does, through the EPs Bluetooth Wireless Headphones for $230. And also less-expensive wireless headphones, PUMP 2 HD Multi-Sport Bluetooth Headphones, are accessible from BlueAnt because that $100.

Why to apologize ditched the headphone jack

Apple removed the headphone jack for a couple of reasons, follow to an interview to apologize executives offered to Buzzfeed.

Practically speaking, the headphone jack bring away up as well much an are that could far better be supplied for camera components, when the jack additionally makes it an overwhelming to waterproof the phone. Plus, the headphone jack is merely too old, executives said.

“That’s a 50-year-old piece of technology,” the chef marketing officer Rene Oehlerking in ~ headphone device Jaybird said

“The technology that you’re plugging right into is exactly the same modern technology that friend plugged right into with her Walkman the Sony invented. So, that connection to the device is antiquated,” that said. (The Walkman was very first marketed in 1979.)

released the to apologize Watch last year and also that’s acquired no headphone jack. So, it’s currently happening,” that added. Oehlerking additionally pointed out that for the very first time sales the wireless earphones and also headphones exceeded that of wired, according to data from sector researcher NPD.

Market researcher IHS modern technology says the Apple’s wireless earphone offerings are equivalent with products currently on the market. “Apple’s brand-new products match, quite than exceed, the technological envelope already created by competitors in the audio and mobile equipment markets,” IHS said in its evaluation sent to the media ~ above Wednesday.

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“However, once taken in combination with the W1 chipset, a climb in convenience is counter by a...move by to apologize to relocate iOS an equipment owners’ accessories purchases away from third parties and also industry standards, and an ext distinctly right into Apple’s own product families,” IHS said.