If like me, she a substantial fan that the Nat Geo TV series Wicked Tuna, you could have watched all the hard work these men put in and wondered exactly how much money they make.

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You have to assume the the captains make the many money per episode, v the deckhands top top a lower salary… yet I determined to discover out because that real. This is what I uncovered when trying to find “how lot do the men on evil Tuna make” every episode:

How much do the evil Tuna actors get paid?

When the TV show very first started, the males on angry Tuna would make around $2,000 to $3,000 per boat, per episode. As the collection has grown in popularity, they cast on wicked Tuna now make and get payment closer to $10,000 dollars every episode. Several of the huge stars space rumored to obtain paid as lot as $100,000 every show. 

So it is the brief answer.

But I wanted to destruction in a tiny further come this investigation on pay, salary, wages, and also net worth. If you continue to read, I’ve uncovered some separation, personal, instance salary estimates for some of the far better known first mates, the cast, deckhands, and also captains add to some yearly salaries too.

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How lot do the guys on evil Tuna do per episode?

The an initial thing I found was a write-up on a tuna fishing forum native a human who claims to understand some the the men on the evil Tuna Nat Geo TV series.

Here’s what the cotton poster wrote as soon as asked if anyone knew exactly how much money the evil Tuna team obtain paid for each episode: 

“I know a couple of the guys on evil Tuna. Lock told me the for the first couple of seasons they gained paid basically nothing to show up on the TV series. Be afflicted with in mind, the captains have actually to address the aggravation that a TV crew on the watercraft when they are trying to record tuna because that a living, but they find out to cope v it, v the expect it will certainly pay off large time in the future.”

However, i am no so certain that’s completely accurate, together I’ve read push reports which i trust much more that say each tuna watercraft on evil Tuna gets about $2,000 to $3,000 every episode.

More recent press reports I found have currently updated that number to be much more in the $10,000-dollar variety for every tuna fishing boat.

Catching tuna is dangerous, and also the captains deserve to make a lot of money on angry Tuna.

I would danger a guess the the captains do the most money native this split, v the an initial mate and deckhands receiving smaller increments the money.

That might not sound favor a lot when you take into consideration how numerous crew members room on board, the devices needed, and so ~ above – but these males were tuna fishing before the TV crews turn up, therefore it’s certainly a good earner, and also gives them a lot an ext exposure plus opportunities to increase their earnings.

In fact, the most popular captains and characters indigenous Wicked Tuna have gone ~ above to construct media careers, and also now additionally earn money for endorsements, appearances, tuna fishing charter bookings, and all the totally free gear offered to them by sponsors.

Did friend know? Sandro Maniaci, the very first mate top top the FV-Tuna.com boat is report to acquire paid an annual salary the $100,000 top top the wicked Tuna TV series.

How lot does wicked Tuna actors make?

When the crew and deckhands very first start out on the evil Tuna boats, it’s stated that they will just get their standard occupational pay, v no money for a TV appearance.

However, together the Nat Geo producers progression with the TV series, they will pick out world who do for great TV, making stars of lock in the process.

So just how much perform Wicked Tuna cast members make?

As deckhands graduate from gift tuna fishermen to additionally jobbing actors their pay will certainly increase. Approximates reporting the the actors of wicked Tuna have the right to make roughly $1,500 each every episode. The captains will earn a lot much more than the normal cast members.

How much money perform the captains do on evil Tuna every episode?

But what around the skippers, and also how lot does National geographic pay the angry Tuna captains every episode?

National geographical pay evil Tuna captains a the majority of money. Dave Carraro, captain the FV-Tuna.com on evil Tuna is claimed to do $83,000 per episode. TJ Ott, the captain of hot Tuna is stated so make $100,000 per episode of the National geographical TV series. What various other captains do per wicked Tuna episode is unknown.

As part of the research study into exactly how much the evil Tuna captains gain paid, ns found one more forum post from who who insurance claims to have actually met among the captains personally. Here’s what he said:

“I in reality ran right into one the the more controversial captains indigenous Wicked Tuna whilst on my local dock. He told me the he was just around to start his 2nd season ~ above the TV show and also had simply been handed a examine for $100,000.” 

Net worth approximates of evil Tuna captains

I likewise stumbled across a website which shows the network worth the celebrities, and they had actually a ar on the evil Tuna captains plus some of the vital players.

Whilst this doesn’t show much money the captains make on angry Tuna every episode, that does offer some indication come what lock may have earned over the last few series.

Dave Carraro (captain that FV-Tuna.com) – $600,000 network worthTJ Ott (captain of the warm Tuna) – $500,000 network worthDave Marciano (captain of difficult Merchandise) – $500,000 network worthTyler McLaughlin (captain of the pen Wheel) – $400,000 net worthPaul Hebert (captain that the FV-MISS SAMBUCA) – $400,000 net worthSandro Maniaci (first mate on the FV-Tuna.com) – $350,000 net worthKevin Leonowert (captain the the Christina) – $250,000 network worthGreg Chorebanian (captain of the Kristiana) – salary and net precious unknownRalph Wilkins (first girlfriend on The Odysea) – salary and also net precious unknownKit Vallee (first mate on The Odysea) – salary and net worth unknownJason Muenzner (first friend on hard Merchandise) – salary and net precious unknownBill Monte (captain that the Bounty Hunter) – salary and net worth unknown

When you take into consideration that a tuna boat from wicked Tuna can cost upwards the 6 figures, they absolutely could perform with the amount that money come simply help them occupational from day come day.

Here’s an short article I researched on exactly how much a angry Tuna watercraft costs to buy and operate giving you deserve to idea ~ above what expenses tuna fishermen need come account for.

How carry out their earnings compare to The most dangerous Catch?

The Deadliest capture is far more popular (and dangerous) contrasted to evil Tuna, and also the pay scale from the TV manufacturing is claimed to it is in much an ext for the crab fishermen.

I’ve placed together a overview to pay which tells you just how much deckhands ~ above Deadliest catch can make.

If wicked Tuna it s okay to the exact same level of most dangerous Catch, then I have the right to see salaries and also earnings shooting up soon.

Handy Hint: I also looked right into what the prizes were on sell for coming an initial place. Read what I uncovered out around what the winners of evil Tuna get.

The Bait, a spin-off TV present from Deadliest capture has a few one-hour specials, climate the captains likewise started to build their very own merchandise and increased an individual appearances.

These components alone will certainly vastly inflate your earning potential, and it’s likely the wicked Tuna males are gaining paid currently to do comparable things.

The last word…

I hope this has given you a far better understanding top top what the men on angry Tuna acquire paid for each episode, how much the captains make, what the deckhands earn, and also some of their possible annual wages – girlfriend might likewise want to know exactly how long the tuna fishing season lasts each year.

When a TV show like this first starts up, the payments won’t be the great.

However, if like most dangerous Catch and also Wicked Tuna, a display really take away off and also becomes popular, the wages and also endorsements have the right to really take it off.

But, similar to anything, castle will have to take treatment of their money!

There to be a current news report around how Paul Hebert to be fined $58,000 by the local federal government in Gloucester, Massachusetts because that claiming he to be so disabled he to be unable come work, drive, walk properly or lift hefty weights.

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It wasn’t that hard for the federal government to quickly disprove his claims, simply by see his TV appearances and also reported income from the wicked Tuna Nat Geo show!

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